2018 Toyota Camry revealed with Lexus-inspired styling

2018 Toyota Camry revealed with Lexus-inspired styling

Quite possibly the most anticipated debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, the all-new 2018 Toyota Camry has been revealed, just two years after a major update of the current model.

Looking like it was designed by Lexus stylists inside and out, the new Camry sits on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, and the carmaker claims it will be their most athletic midsize ever. The wheelbase has bee extended by 51mm, bringing to total length to 4,859mm, while the lower roofline and bonnet have been lowered, as has the seating position, giving a total height of 1,440mm.

A 2.5-litre inline-4 and a 3.5-litre V6 continue to be offered. While performance specs have not been revealed, the base engine now gets an 8-speed automatic. A new 2.5-litre hybrid with a CVT will also be offered.

The Camry gets a suite of standard safety features (at least in the United States) like pre-collision warning with pedestrian detection, full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control, and lane departure alert with steering assist, with options such as blind-spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert, intelligent clearance sonar, and a bird’s-eye view camera system with perimeter scan.

The new Camry will come in four trims with an optional “Sport” package available. The added “Sport” package will give the exterior add-ons such as 19-inch black alloy wheels, a subtle rear spoiler lip, aggressive bumpers and an integrated lower diffuser on the front fascia.

The US-built 2018 Toyota Camry is going on sale in the United States by summer 2017, although it remains to be seen how long it takes to come to the UAE, given that most GCC-spec Camry variants (except the top model) are sourced from Toyota’s Australian plant (which is shutting down production this year).

Keep track of prices and updates in the Toyota buyer guide.

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  1. If 2018 camry comes to UAE, sales figures will move high. Good move against to its competitors.Generation 2007-2011 was Camry’s last best build sale car.

  2. Will try the taxi version first before deciding to buy.

  3. Better Taxis for Dubai 🙂

  4. The understated car in general, will now gain more presence and respect.

  5. I wish we get the V6 camry in UAE instead of goofy Aurion!

  6. boring. toyota is boring.

  7. Awesome Camry!!

  8. “ohhhh I am so bored, what do I be? Let me just be like Aurion…uhhhhh…no wait.. I wanna be a Lexus may be….no…fine…I wanna look like a Maxima…Doctor…make my butt look like a Maxima, my waist and chest should look like a Lexus though, and my face should look like an Aurion so it looks original!”

  9. Toyota makes boring cars. Someone told me that Lexus is also an Expensive Toyota underneath. 😉

  10. I have the 4 cylinder in black and planning to replace with another brand; but only if the V6 aka XSE comes in red leather with 19″ wheels i will definitely keep the trend of owning one more as this is more aggressive than my present ride. If not then looks like it dodge charger sxt, kia cadenza Or honda accord 3.5

  11. hoping with aurion being dead and 90% un competitive package as it was always half baked and now all australian production dead..we hope and pray idiots at futtaim bring a proper speced v6 and i4 camry even if u sell 1 for every 20 sell it! i would love to line up and buy this over almost any other brand xse v6 white exterior balck roof and red interior …the best color combo just dark out the rear lights thats all 301 hp for daily office ride with DRCC is what i am looking for even 4 cyl altima has radar cruise control!! new accord v6 has it so no reason why not bring it …and let people choose between accord v6 or camry v6 and 2018 accord is ditching v6 for a 2.0 liter turbo from civic type R ,..and base engine of 1.5 T lets hope idiot futtaim dont bring the 2.4L NA over turbo as base engine i say bring least turbo in mid model or top spec 4 cyl but dont shit out on saftey tech! look at cadenza 2017 beautiful car and they skip radar cruise control!

  12. Can you please tell me when is the new camry releasing in dubai?

  13. Hope this camry never comes to gulf region. Heavily Overpriced by local dealers here & now over styled too …;-) better stay away from taxi.

  14. please dont use it as taxi

    its looking great

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