European Toyota Yaris gets 210 hp Gazoo Racing-inspired version

European Toyota Yaris gets 210 hp Gazoo Racing-inspired version

While the GCC got a new Thai-built Toyota Yaris in 2015, Europe gets its own version of the econo-hatch. And the Europeans now have a 210 hp version. No, that wasn’t a typo. Toyota has revealed a spicy hot version of their Yaris hatchback. The name of the car isn’t confirmed yet but expect it to bear the ‘Gazoo’ moniker as Toyota has promised to include the name of its racing team in all its performance-oriented models.

The 210 horses are produced by a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder unit that is more of a civilised version of their WRC engine. Toyota’s boffins have also reworked the suspension and brakes to handle this extra thump.

When it is officially released, it will bring in a new shape for the whole Yaris range. Available in the three-door hatchback style, the hot Yaris features visual updates that enhance its sporty appeal. The front receives a fully revamped bumper that houses a pair of glossy black foglight winglets. The rear features a wider set of tail lights, a roof-mounted spoiler and a single central exhaust tip.

The hot new Yaris will be revealed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March where it will take the stage along with its mental WRC brother. And no, it’s not coming to the UAE or anywhere near the Middle East.

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  1. I want one please bring to the USA!

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