Bentley Continental Supersports

2017 Bentley Continental Supersports is a 700 hp send-off

Bentley Continental Supersports

With an all new model right around the corner, Bentley has given the Continental GT a proper sent off with a completely new variant. This final version of the Continental is named the Supersports and it is the fastest 4-seater car available in the market right now. Bentley is also offering a droptop version.

The biggest changes are under the hood where the 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 is re-tuned to produce 700 hp and 1016 Nm of torque. This huge wave of power and torque propels this 2.2-tonne monster from 0 to 100 kph in less than 3.5 seconds. The drop-top version will have 0.3 seconds added to this time due to the added weight. The top speed is also affected as it dips from 336 kph of the coupe to 329 kph.

Bentley Continental Supersports

An eight-speed ZF transmission and an all-wheel-drive system lay power down to the ground efficiently. To stop this behemoth, Bentley has given the Supersports the largest carbon ceramic brakes ever fitted on a car.

Aesthetically, there are only a few changes. A new set of bumpers at the front and back, carbon-fibre splitter at the front and a new diffuser at the back helps the Supersports to stand out. If the aesthetic changes are not enough, the customers can opt for an optional titanium exhaust setup which will ensure aural recognition. Bentley hasn’t announced the price yet, but expect it to be way north to the Dhs 1.2 million charged for the 621 hp Continental GT Speed in the UAE.

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