So we got a 2018 Audi RS 3 Sedan

So we got a 2018 Audi RS 3 Sedan

If there ever was a definition for “understated,” this car would be it — an Audi RS3 sedan in white. Nobody gives it a second look. Until it’s started up.

The pudgy little sedan has more horsepower under its little bonnet than most SUVs. But it doesn’t have big bonnet intakes or a park-bench rear wing to show for it.

Inside, it’s just as simple, except for the heavily-bolstered front seats.

The RS 3 sedan is also the definition of “sleeper,” “pocket rocket,” and “surprise!” all in one car. More on that in the full review.

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  1. I almost bought one.
    It was offered at 245k in Dubai. Blue 2017 0-kms fully loaded w/o the adaptive cruise control; orignal customer had financial difficulties.
    Ended up going for a sister-German brand.
    Good car, well built, a bit of a boy racer.
    Didnt like all the carbon fibre shiny stuff. Q3 has a similar version with the same engine; with 1 exhaust tip apparently.
    Worth buying nonetheless, but if you like small sporty sedans i recomend the Cadillac ATS-V—3.6 V6 bi-turbo.

    • Author

      That sounds more like the full price. Was there a discount?

      • This was back in Sept-2017. It was full price, but the dealer promised to throw-in free insurance if we reached a deal alongside the regular service package, i think they offered upto 45k which is 3 visits.

        Excellent car, only downside was the generic look with the S3, appart from those blostered seats and oval exhausts. But this is expected anyway.

        I dont wanna steal your thunder Mash,,, awaiting the full review

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