2019 Lexus ES debuts as all-new model

2019 Lexus ES debuts as all-new model

The seventh-generation Lexus ES is debuting for the 2019 model year, following styling cues set by the LS flagship sedan. The range will include the ES 300h hybrid, ES 200, ES 250 and ES 350 petrol engine models.

The new ES is built on the all-new Global Architecture “K (GA-K)” platform, so it’s not just a facelift even though it looks like one. The new car is longer (+65 mm), lower (-5 mm) and wider (+45 mm) than its predecessor. The longer wheelbase (+50 mm) is combined with wider front and rear treads (+10 and +37 mm).

Inside, the optional navigation comes with a 12.3-inch multimedia display and second generation Remote Touch touchpad control, with voice recognition that also extends to a mobile assistant allowing a contactless driver’s smartphone control. The ES can also be had with all the active-safety driving aids found in the higher-priced Lexus models.

For those looking for a front-wheel-drive sports sedan, an F SPORT package will be available with Adaptive Variable Suspension, similar to that found in the LC coupe.

The ES 300h is equipped with a new, fourth generation self-charging hybrid drive system. It couples a 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle four-cylinder petrol engine with a more compact electric motor and battery. Total system power is 215 hp and claimed fuel economy is 4.7 litres/100 km.

The ES 250’s regular 2.5-litre VVT-i engine is apparently all-new and likely the same 200 hp one found in the new KSA-spec Toyota Camry (since the UAE gets the old 178 hp one). It will be mated to an 8-speed automatic.

The Lexus ES 350 powered by an upgraded 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine is said to have 247 hp for European European markets, but we in the GCC will likely get the 298 hp version found in the new Camry. It is mated to an 8-speed automatic.

The 2019 Lexus ES seems to be a better car in every way than its predecessor, and we can’t wait to get a ride in it when it comes to the UAE by the end of the year.

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  1. over priced camry

    • So is your intellect.

      • Tired comment! so tired…and it is Avalon size by the way…

      • Show some respect when you talk with others … second, get your info right, personally I think now the avalon and this are not justified, maybe hotels and rent companies will buy them in fleets but as personal car no, the reason is the new camry is now offered with V6, the same engine indeed in camry and avalon and this lexus, yes it is more luxurious but if you follow up new you will know that all 3 cars now are built on the same platform which is called TNGA (go search it so you add some intellect to yourself also), and that will make it not justified to pay extra 50 – 70 k dhs to get a (little) more luxurious interior, go check the specs for the camry grande V6, it has almost everything you would need

        • Well the hotel and rent companies are CERTAINLY not using the Platinum or Titanium range so the difference wont be 60k between ES and the Avalon unless you go at the upper trim. Remmember even the S class between the already luxurious s400 and the s500 will have much more difference, same 730 to 750 BMWs.
          Second, I drove the ES for long time and it is not about slightly more luxurious kit inside, its about the ride quality and sound deafening material, and yes they will charge more because any luxury car will charge more % than the mainstream ones so 60k is not much over an Avalon…think of Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga v8 on the same plateform. and engine..man here you can talk about unjustification….:P

      • I think he is right……

  2. Hope it will be as reliable as it’s predecessor. Continue to be one of the most reliable luxury cars.

  3. luxury meets practicality , durability and reliability. Best premium sedan on the roads today.

  4. Always beautiful as usual, it was killed due to being too much uber 🙁

  5. given how much they improved on the avalon especially it’s engineering ….choosing between and full spec avalon and base ES lexus will be hard… AS ES rides on a avalon platform..

    anyway i expect this to do well… the last ES got very marks for reliability, comfort, smooth ride and quietness..

  6. Corolla — IS 300, Avalon—-LS300, Rav4—-RX350, LC—-LX570, Same Chassis, few extra toys, screens and L badge, price goes up by 50k

  7. I sold all my Toyota cars and shifted to Nissan. Alfutaim in UAE is very expensive when it comes to maintenance.
    on road toyota is less safe comparing with other cars.

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