Retro-modern 2019 Suzuki Jimny debuts

Retro-modern 2019 Suzuki Jimny debuts

Some cars just live on, even when the world around them changes. Survived by some enthusiastic petrolheads, the Suzuki Jimny was one such car which was loved for its small body and agile off-road manners. This little machine was accepted so well that Suzuki has vented some money and time into it to come up with this entirely new generation of this tiny SUV.

In the first glance, the 2019 Suzuki Jimny looks like a vehicle from the 80s and rightly so. The new version of this tiny SUV retains the old-school charm of the model it replaces but infuses it with the modern stuff that’ll help it run through the present. The grill is blacked out completely along with the bumper. The square headlamps of the old Jimny were replaced with round units like that of the old Suzuki Samurai. The body is boxier than the outgoing model.

Inside, the old plastic dashboard gives way to a new still-plastic design which is rugged enough for usage in the Jimny but also more polished to accommodate a new-age touchscreen infotainment system. Cruise control, push-button start, multi-function steering wheel and air conditioning are offered to make the old-school experience a less old one.

The Jimny’s strong point was its agility on the off-road tracks and the new version hasn’t lost it. The ladder-on-frame body is fitted with a three-point rigid suspension to help the 2019 Jimny live up to its predecessor’s cult status. There is part-time 4WD with low-range transfer case too.

In JDM spec, powering the Jimny will be a puny 660cc engine (to conform to the Kei-car regulations in Japan) and a more powerful 1.5-litre engine. The transmission choices are between a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic.  There is going to be autonomous emergency braking to enhance safety.

There is no word as of yet about the specs the global-spec 2019 Suzuki Jimny will carry when they launch it publicly on July 5. Expect it to quietly come to the UAE and other GCC countries by early next year.

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  1. It will be looks complete, if its 5 door SUV..

    • This is supposed to be a cute ute. plenty of 5 doors are there we miss the 3 doors like the 3 doors Rav and Vitara etc..every body is making boring cars we miss the fun ones

  2. Love it and will take one for sure if they offered the convertible again.

  3. I wonder if I can quietly slip this into the Garage without the wife noticing…

    • Haha! Your wife won’t notice it but will surely snatch it away from you the next day..

    • Great car, thanks suzuki. Wish it also comes in 5 doors for family. Cant buy 3 doors too small for family. Love the design. Make a 5 doors pleeeease like other compititors

  4. The first fleet order will come from SEWA and DEWA 😀
    Way to go Suzuki, the Salesman selling Jimmy will be owning a Range Rover in 12 months

  5. No turbo engine?????

  6. This one is looking cool. Good job Suzuki!!

  7. It’s an amazing timeless design…so so Japanese….yet i hope marutti suzuki will launch a 5door model to be a part of an international global evolution…an ERA where small families have the right to enjoy jimny 5doors nd not diversify their choice to other companies….simply cs all international cars brand name’s launch both 3 nd 5doors. .it’s trendy nd will boost sales…i personal dream of suzuki brand be a part of 5doors ERA….thank you

  8. I want to buy. I liked it. Like that two doors ?

  9. Maybe they could come up with a 3 Door Cruiser / Roadster version targetted for smaller families and students.

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