2021 Lexus LM300h minivan for China is as expensive as a Bentley

2021 Lexus LM300h minivan for China is as expensive as a Bentley

Luxury minivans belong to a very tiny niche but that has never stopped manufacturers from dropping one or two products into this segment. Usually these products compete with executive sedans or mid-size SUVs and try to woo the rich with their colossal cabin space. China is especially popular for chauffeur-driven cars, and Lexus has decided to step up the game. Their new Lexus LM300h minivan takes the fight right up the alley of the Bentleys. Talk about confidence.

One look at the LM300h and it becomes clear that it is a rebadged Toyota Alphard. Sure, there is a lot of chrome on the new spindle grill and there are the matrix LED headlamps to give it a luxurious look. Yet, any person remotely interested in vans will be able to trace LM300h’s roots back to the Alphard.

But what does the LM300h do, that it can command a large premium over the Toyota, which is already a luxurious van in itself? The four-seater version of the LM300h is a palace on its own with a completely separated passenger section. The gigantic massage sofas at the back seats the elite in ultimate comfort as they project their businessy stuff on the 26-inch LED screen mounted on the divider. There is a 19-speaker sound system as well. There is a refrigerator too, so that they can help themselves with a drink as they move along. And if you want to seat more delegates, you can opt for the 7 – seater version.

Under the hood of this castle sits a 161 hp 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine mated to a hybrid system. Of course, it is not enough for a large vehicle like this but the LM300h is not about the driving experience. The engine is paired to a CVT gearbox that sends power to an all-wheel-drive system.

The most expensive Lexus LM300h, the four-seater Royal Edition, costs around 1.46 million Yuan (almost Dhs 800,000) in China. This price is close to what the previous-gen Bentley Flying Spur used to cost in our market, although to be fair, a Bentley in China probably costs even more. Is it going to woo customers with that big a stash of cash in any way?

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  1. Lexus is very good company but this is very bad design and bad car

  2. Beautiful car

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