2022 Honda Civic plays it safe with sedate design

2022 Honda Civic plays it safe with sedate design

The Honda Civic has always been a key to the rising popularity of Honda across the world. With the crossover fad engulfing the market as we speak, the Civic is one of the few sedan nameplates that still stand tall. For the eleventh generation of the sedan, Honda had previewed a dialled-down design. The production version has now debuted, looking much the same as the concept, although in this case, it’s not saying much.

For the past several generations, the Honda Civic has been facing a bit of criticism for going extremely boring on their designs, although always bouncing back in the next-gen redesign. But with the eleventh generation of the Civic, it seems to be on the downward curve again after the peak of the outgoing gen, as Honda plays it safe with a minimalist iteration of the upright-nose design. The sleek headlamps of the new Civic are placed inside indents on either side of the beluga-whale grill. The rear does not have enough character to make the Civic stand out like the existing model either.

The designers may have shown a great deal of restraint while designing the new Honda Civic’s anonymous exterior but the same cannot be told about the interior. The interior is sketched out to look contemporary, in similar veins to the interior, but with a bit more enthusiasm. This can be seen in the long honeycomb mesh running across the width of the dashboard, housing the air-con vents along the way. The range-topping Touring trim gets a 10.2-inch digital instrument cluster and a 9.0-inch infotainment screen standing on top of the dashboard.  The lower trims make do with a 7.0-inch unit for the infotainment system.

The regular Civic powerplants were never enough to set the petrolheads’ hearts on fire. The 2022 Honda Civic retains the existing motors, with the top RS model churning out a healthy 180 hp and 240 Nm of torque. All engines are exclusively hooked up to a CVT transmission. Expect similar engine offerings as before for the Middle East market, when it debuts in the UAE and GCC by winter this year.

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  1. Looks like an Audi. Design cues out of a mazda

  2. The previous civic build in early 2016, was so powerful, aerodynamic, and nice looking sporty car..compare to this new civic. Espeacially at the rear lamp whereas..looks like other model.car i.e toyota which has been using for number of years..then only honda civic NOW to copy down, which is not good. Civic in generation 10 is the best, better and most welcome.

  3. Hi what’s Up
    Hmmm Honda civic best car in Pakistan
    Will I like to use Honda car’s
    Design is too good just like a future car.
    Honda is one of the best car Company in the world Honda Design a car’s it’s look like a sport car
    And this car across the world.
    Thank you…

  4. When it is expected in dubai

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