UAE stops Volkswagen electric car imports by second-hand dealers

UAE stops Volkswagen electric car imports by second-hand dealers

The UAE Ministry of Economy has just announced used car dealers will not be allowed to import new or pre-owned Volkswagen electric cars anymore. They will only be allowed to be sold through authorised local dealerships.

According to Gulf News, the decision was made after a high number of electric vehicles have been coming into the country via second-hand dealers. Since they didn’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty, as well as the fact these cars were not modified to GCC specifications, it posed a major risk to buyers.

In 2022, the drastic rise in petrol prices had many people looking to switch to more fuel-economical cars and EVs. However, the lack of affordable EV options in authorised dealerships turned prospective buyers to other sources. The Volkswagen ID models, most of them brand new, were being imported from China by local used car dealers. Some dealers were providing their own warranties as well.

With the rising popularity of the VW ID vehicles, the Abu Dhabi Volkswagen dealership, Ali and Sons, released a statement on their website about these grey imports, warning people these vehicles do not meet the legal requirements set by local authorities and will not be serviced by local VW dealerships.

Manufacturers put their vehicles through strict testing in the region before they decide to sell a certain model in the market. The UAE authorities also have set stringent regulations for car manufacturers to ensure the safety of consumers.

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