Omoda C5

OMODA C5 Wins “Best Test-Drive SUV”

At the recently concluded GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show 2023, OMODA C5, the brand’s debut model that has been selling like hotcakes in Indonesia, garnered the distinguished “Best Test-Drive SUV” accolade.

Granted by the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (GAIKINDO), this esteemed award synthesizes test-drive statistics and media sentiment garnered throughout the duration of the Indonesian auto show, serving as yet another testament to OMODA’s robust product offerings and visionary technologies.

Prior to this, OMODA had already amassed various international recognitions and awards. In 2022, it received the “Most Technologically Advanced SUV” prize from the Qatar Automobile Association, secured five-star safety ratings in both Euro NCAP and A-NCAP tests, and won two heavy-hitting awards at Mexico’s Autoshow TV3: “Best Midsize Crossover” and “Car of the Year 2022.”

Smart Technology as the Compass for Future Mobility

In this era, steered by intelligent technology, the tech-savvy new generation has stringent expectations for smart features in cars, demanding not merely soulless functionalities but emotionally resonant experiences.

OMODA has invested considerable resources into elevating the smartness of its vehicles, aiming to transition from a mere transportation tool to becoming a “smart companion” for young drivers. OMODA C5 perfectly epitomizes this, equipped with an advanced driver-assistance system that encompasses virtually all driving scenarios and provides comprehensive support and protection. Its intelligent voice modulation system allows for more precise interaction with the driver, while its high-end audio system and 3D full-colour visual display screen conjure an atmosphere akin to an entertainment-laden smart living room.

Indonesian automotive journalists who experienced the OMODA C5 observed that it stood out for its cutting-edge technology and pioneering personality, winning the favour of many Indonesian youngsters.

OMODA C5 is also OMODA’s first vehicle to be launched in the UAE, which is a fuel vehicle.

Coming up, OMODA will also bring more surprises to global users. Continuing OMODA C5’s classic performance and integrating cutting-edge intelligent technology, the new energy vehicle OMODA C5 EV is expected to be launched globally in the fourth quarter of this year, with a new wave of electric excitement about to be released. This new vehicle aims to offer more Emiratis a taste of electric vehicle technology and experience, contributing to a low-carbon, eco-friendly lifestyle while ushering in a new wave of green intelligent mobility.

A Car Brand From the Future

Informed by incisive insights into the rising trends of youthfulness, individualism, and globalization, OMODA is committed to embracing pioneering consumers around the globe. The brand is dedicated to shaping a future-facing identity for a new generation fueled by attitude.

Delving deep into the lifestyles of today’s global youth, OMODA communicates seamlessly with this demographic through its “CROSS” interdisciplinary approach. By shattering the conventional order of the real world, OMODA offers Generation Z a stylish mode of transportation endowed with visionary design and futuristic technology.

The name OMODA embodies various layers of meaning. The “O” connotes a tone of surprise and vitality and serves as a symbol for the essential element of life: Oxygen. “MODA,” derived from the term “Modern,” implies a sense of fashion and trendiness, encapsulating a new generation’s sustainable lifestyle as a fusion of ecological responsibility and avant-garde chic.

Adhering to a globally-oriented ethos, OMODA has ingeniously conceived the concept of the “O-universe,” a unique ecosystem that stands as a distinctive form of engagement between the brand and its consumers. This exclusive social lexicon aims to establish warmer connections with a global user base, encompass an increasingly diverse array of cultures, and collaboratively create a lifestyle that is both aspirational and sublimely cool.

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