British F1 GP

Red Bull's Webber wins 2010 British F1 GP

Red Bull’s Webber wins 2010 British F1 GP

While Spain defeated Holland in the FIFA World Cup, Mark Webber dominated this weekend’s British Grand Prix from the start, rebuilding his lead after a safety-car period that allowed team mate Sebastian Vettel to get back in the game after a disastrous first corner had seen the German go off track after a light brush with McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton. The puncture that he sustained dropped him to the tail of the field.

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Red Bull's Vettel wins 2009 British F1 GP

Red Bull’s Vettel wins 2009 British F1 GP

After qualifying at the head of the class, Sebastian Vettel readily launched his Red Bull RB5 into the lead of the 2009 British F1 Grand Prix. In a dominant drive that highlighted Red Bull Renault’s strength on high-speed circuits, Vettel pulled away from Rubens Barrichello’s Brawn GP car by as much as a second per lap in a series of quick moves, and never looked even close to being challenged.

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