Honda Japan unveils Mugen Civic Type-R

Honda Japan unveils Mugen Civic Type-R


Barely a day after Honda announced the Civic Type-R sedan for the Japanese market, their tuning arm, Mugen, has announced their own variation to the Type-R. 

The Mugen version consists of 16 different performance parts, from aero kits to upgraded brakes. On the outside, a Civic gets a vented hood, redesigned grill, front spoiler, rear diffuser and trunk mounted wing. Under the hood, it gets a new high flow unit, along with a less restrictive air filter and sports exhaust. Two brake pad compounds are available, as are new rotors, “Micromesh” brake lines, sports suspension and 18-inch aluminium wheels.

Parts will be available separately, and we believe they could even be special-ordered through dealers here if you pay and wait long enough.

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  1. Author
  2. can i have my civic modified 🙂

  3. i am planning to get one…but i was just wondering how much would it cost???

  4. would like to see 😯 the AWD version please!

  5. how much is the price of a new brake pad for honda civic 2008, in qatar riyals please,thank you.

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