2008-2009 Honda Accord testing

There will be a brand new Honda Accord for the 2008 model year, also to be released as a 2009 model in some markets. Seen here is a prototype of the 2008 Honda Accord sedan undergoing tests in the United States.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan spy shots

The styling seems heavily derivative of the BMW 5-Series, although dumbed down for the conservative buying public. Expected engines include a 180 hp 2.4-litre inline-4 and a 270 hp 3.5-litre V6.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan rear back

Honda has already shown a 2008 Honda Accord Coupe concept at a recent auto show as a hint to the styling direction of the new model.

2008 2009 honda accord coupe

Of course, the production Accord will not have wheels and detailing as extreme as the concept, and the Middle East market might not even get the American-built coupe.

2008 2009 honda accord coupe

For updated information, check out the Honda Accord car buyer guide.

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  1. the honda looks like a BMW 5-series,that is a good 😎

  2. Honda .. joined ..da CopyCat Rat Race!
    boo…! 🙁

  3. hey looks awsome..!!! 😯

  4. look same like new camry 2007

  5. superb design….. its going to increase its sales next year….

  6. This should be an amazing car, not only because of the looks. I wonder how fast it could do 0-100kph 🙂

  7. 😉 love to take a test drive this cool n hot stuff

  8. :S:S:S:S
    honda,lost accord, since its 2004 model was copied by Huyndai Sonata, now they have copied the 5 series……..not a good one honda!
    power wil be too less, inline 4 n 2.4:S……coupe is even pathatic

  9. Good job this time, shape is good but looks like Toyota Camry 2007, Anways Coupe is excellent i like it. 😀 😀

  10. nice design, but they could at least get original one, not to only copy bmw
    too low power 🙁
    coupe looks very nice

  11. Looks same as BMW, Not happy with the shape. Hope the interior is not copied from BMW. 🙄

  12. We always expect some thing different and elegant from Honda but unfortunately this time they are copying BMW and this is very disappointed 🙁

  13. i like this ,model and i hope this is the best modl of year 2008.9 i have model 2006 and i want to buy 2008 i m much waitng for this

  14. wow!!! wat a mindblowing model 😯

  15. poetry in motion!!! 🙂 Go! get ’em tiger!!


  17. אוטו מכוער! ×—×—×— למה אתם חייבים להעתיק מב.אמ.וו ומטויוטה? תהיו מקוריים! אבל בסה”×› בסופו של דבר אין אין ולא ×™×”×™×” על הונדה מוצ’אצ’וס, תזכרו! ×—×—×—

    buehh no entiendo porque honda tiénen que imitár b.m.w o la toyota
    a mi me adoraba el viejo look del accord desde 2002-2008
    tengo una del 2006 y estóy enamoradisimo de ella jaaaaajajaa
    cuidense buen día chao.

  18. Looks good, buts looks like copying BMW

  19. the honda accord is what im looking 4 its the deal i love it it has so much space i have a honda accord 07 but thats not whats happpening anymore i want a brandnew 2009 accord ! LEATHER SEATS DO U ELL ME WITH A SUN ROOF 4 DOOR 😛

  20. Why are there so many peopl hating on the new design for honda. People want a classy car without paying a BMW or Mercedes price for it…I have the 2008 Honda Accord and I love it and it looks great and I’M NOT PAYING A FORTUNE FOR IT.

  21. it,s bmw or accord confusing man


  23. Whatever but Honda Accord 2008 is hitting the market, go ahead and get it man… 😉

  24. the guys who are saying its Copied version, why dont u research something?.. its designed by BMW deginer if u dont know this then google it out..

  25. Hi guys… do you know when Accord 2009 will be available in Dubai/UAE? and what is the expected price for that?

  26. Salman, there is really not much difference in the 2009 model vs. the 2008 model besides the fact that one is a 2008 model and other is a 2009 model. the price will be slightly higher because well, prices of raw materials go up.
    And People, Why do you have to say, it looks like other cars. do you see many original designed NEW cars on the road today?

  27. the honda is really a cool ride, i own so i know the feeling :mrgreen:

  28. I’m prefered the camry 😀 accord coupe is very very ugly

  29. erich wat do u mean by accord coupe is really ugly ? u gone nuts? i think ur da owner of camry thts why u said tht. anyways i think u saw urself in Accords mirror and you passed ur comment … lol

  30. should reduce the price for what honda is offering… :mrgreen:

  31. i agree with eddy

  32. I love the new accord. It’s a very comfortable ride. I know couse I own one :mrgreen:

  33. 😎 itz damn cool man i dont knw y da hell u guyz r pissed at it i like it nd i also hav it nd r cheaper thn bmw whr u need 2 pay mor 4 thm bt u dont need 2 pay mor 4 honda man giv thnxxzz!!2 thm nt insult!!!

  34. i need to know the price of this car…honda accord??

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