Honest Ford launches 2008 Escape

Honest Ford launches 2008 Escape

2008 ford escape dubai uae

We were recently invited to the regional launch of the 2008 Ford Escape, which has been completely redesigned inside and out. The new Escape comes standard with a 3.0-litre V6 Duratec engine making 200 hp at 6000 rpm and 261 Nm of torque at 4850 rpm, mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. It features one of the most advanced safety packages in the small SUV segment, including standard side curtain air bags and AdvanceTrac® with RSC®.

In addition, Ford is quietly switching from advertising outdated GROSS power ratings to more accurate NET power ratings, which was already in use in America since the 1970s and which we have been advocating since we started this website.

Dear Media Friends,

This is to inform you that Ford Middle East will start communicating, effective immediately, NET horsepower and torque numbers as opposed to Gross figures.

This change reflects our commitment to providing our customers with a clear and accurate description by which they can assess the real output of their car engines. The difference between the two measuring units is extremely important.

Gross horsepower refers to the whole output of an engine in ‘vacuum’, and includes all the power needed to run and operate any auxiliary equipment or parts. As this might be misleading to consumers, Ford has made the shift to (NET) figures which represent the actual, real-world output of the engine, which is measured at the driven wheels of the vehicles – in other words, (NET) figures give our consumers the exact power that is delivered on the tarmac.

The lower figures used in the attached press material is in no way indicative of a lower engine output, but rather a more accurate and transparent measuring unit.

2008 ford escape dubai uae

We found Ford’s more honest Middle East initiative more appealing than the actual new Escape. Maybe more regional car manufacturer reps will follow suit and make our lives easier when we research power ratings.

2008 ford escape dubai uae

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  1. what is the price?

  2. Author

    Prices for the 2008 are lower than that for 2007 in USA. So I’d say the dealers here should at least be charging the same as the price of the old model.

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