No car reviews for this weekend

No car reviews for this weekend

ford edge

So we were supposed to get a Hummer H3 for last weekend. Then we hear the previous reviewer damaged it. So GM offered to give us a Chevy Tahoe in the final hour. But then at the last minute they said it broke down or something and did not call us back to reschedule. So we went ahead and arranged a Ford Edge for the beginning of this week. Today morning we find out the previous reviewer struck again, leaving big scratches on the Ford.

This seems like a whine-fest, but my plans are shot to hell for the next few days. I do expect a call back from the good people at Ford to get the Edge this week though. I had to skip Ford’s excellent Ride & Drive event last week, missing the chance to drive the Edge in the desert, but we are not allowed to take our forthcoming test vehicle off-road.

I wonder if I can find out who these first-priority “professional” reviewers are who can’t even return a test car in one piece. And here I thought we were supposed to be the stunt-driving amateurs here, being the youngest in the industry. Be sure to never read about their escapades in their “leading” published reviews.

What do you think?



  1. hahahaha, funnyyyy…yeah we were entitled to drive one the last weekend, but yeah…..another car needs a review worth of it

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