Happy Salik Day! Rich people rejoice!

Happy Salik Day! Rich people rejoice!


Today, on the last day with our Chevy Tahoe Z71 tester, I decided to go do some acceleration tests before we return the car. Today also is the first day of Dubai RTA’s Salik road tolls. And what a hellish experience it has been.

Truth be told, I haven’t bought a tag yet. Our test cars don’t have the tags anyway. But I wanted to go to my usual spot where I do my timed drag runs, which is nowhere near the toll roads. As it happens, a few metres of my route falls on one of those “alternative” roads, as the RTA likes to call them. So my 15-minute drive became a 40-minute drive in a non-peak hour. The day isn’t over yet. Expect me never to go out again during the evening rush.

So the RTA’s plan is to reserve the toll roads for rich people, and cram the middle-class into already-congested side roads. Confused road tolls, racist taxi service, continuous road construction…what next?

For more information, visit www.salik.ae. Incidentally, “salik” does not mean “clear.”

What do you think?



  1. i bet it will not detect the tag half the time

  2. does anyone know if salik tag will work thru vkool/3m tint?
    also can i stick tag onto a transparent id tag and hold it upto the windsheild each time i pass thru? i dont want a dirty orange sticker on my nice ride :mrgreen:

  3. hehehe fannnnn.. of drivearabia… good q about somethin no one would have thought about…should def work through tht shield of urs…hmmm hehe. why dont you see wht happens at the end of the month whether you get charged or no.. 👿

    anyway yo salik yo

  4. Author

    I will be trying the tag out soon by not even peeling the sticker, and will be sticking it on my windshield with tape. In my line of work, I don’t drive the same car every day!

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