Antas supercars targeting Middle East

Antas supercars targeting Middle East

antas berlinetta

An Italian outfit called Faralli & Mazzanti just inaugurated an all-new supercar called the Antas Berlinetta.

antas berlinetta

These are custom sports cars with engines garnered from elsewhere. Apparently one American buyer plans to order one with a tuned 1000 hp Dodge Viper engine. Hand-built at the rate of two per year to an owner’s specifications, it costs upwards of US$ 700,000. That’s more than 2.5 million dirhams. And from what they tell us, these Italians are openly eyeing the Middle East market too.

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  1. That Antas is the most exciting machine I have seen in years. If I can walk into a dealership in Dubai or Oman or somewhere in Saufi Arabia – they can have my money like a shot.

    How refreshing to see this Antas at a time when cars – even supercars – are all lookalikes of Ferraris or similar.

    This is a truly unique head turner.

    I want mine with a Jaguar v12 engine please!

  2. $700,000 for a car?you could feed 700 families in africa with this doe.

  3. such a ugly car if somebody gives it to me free i would return it back

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