Suzuki SX4 rally car ready to battle

Suzuki SX4 rally car ready to battle

sx4 wrc

The Suzuki SX4 is a bit of a non-starter in the compact market around here, but to spruce up it’s image, Suzuki has developed a WRC rally version of the car.

The turbocharged all-wheel-drive WRC car will start competing in the coming months. Too bad the standard car is nothing like this pumped-up one.

wrc sx4

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  1. wish it was for commercial use 😥 😥

  2. wat da hell r u on about ali suzuki is shit it’s the worst car in da whole world u loser such an wanker

  3. people who dont about cars in depth say like is he americas fatest growing brand and its 4wd in sx-4 more advanced than the toyota or the honda..go look at the vechiles in its range is it not the best provider of value foe money..

  4. hey i strongly belive in u racerx look the its 2007 grandvitara my god in thhat price u wont get an suv like that and the uncoming xl-7 is coming up now

  5. What about new 2008 GRand Vitara, is it launched, can i get thre price range and brochure

  6. personally im am a huge fan of suzuki swift by the eye of the swift sx-4 is not that impersessive.

  7. i’ve driven the swift here…the acceleration, handling and comfort were all jus gr8!! the price of the car is a l’il high tho..(47,500 AED)..and threz only one trim available for the uae market..

  8. heyy md..i guess the nissan x-terra cud be a better option at tat price, if atleast one of the prime purposes is to go places where a 2.7 V6 wont help much!…but yea, i agree tat the Grand Vitara is a really good vehicle!!..all i din like while driving it was, itz passing power at highway speeds!!..

  9. please sell this car in north america please!
    just take out the roll cage and put 5 sporty seats.

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