Upcoming new cars in the next 3 years

Upcoming new cars in the next 3 years


I have updated the Future Preview section to reflect new information on tons of 2008, 2009 and 2010 cars. Spy shots, computer renderings and what not.

So many cars, so little time. Click here to check them out .

What do you think?



  1. I’m very interested in the new Lancer. You mentioned earlier that it will be out by August but I just had a word wih the branch sales manager of the Sharjah Habtoor motors and the guy says they’re expecting around September or October for launch 👿

    He wouldn’t comment on prices but did say that all 3 models (including the GTS 😈 ) will be available!

    So when is the launch? September or August?!?! I’m slightly tilting towards the galant now, he said at full options its only AED 66,500!!!!

  2. Author

    Well, you see…Sharjah sucks. 🙂

    Dubai already has a few cars hidden away. The launch is planned for August. Cars will be for sale a bit later of course.

  3. I knew Sharjah sucked long before I came to live here. Oh well he was right about the fact that the cars will be available in Septemberish.

    Anyways do we know about the specs and prices? Or will they release it all on launch?

    Im really torn between the full options Galant and Lancer GTS. Both are great cars and will be almost the same price.

    ANy others I should consider for this price range. I know Civic is good but it feels a little too bulky.

  4. ssup bro…do u have ne idea when s the evo X coming 4 sale in dxb and do u hav ne idea bout the price?
    thnx man…
    luv ur site. 😎

  5. dude..also lemme know if therz n evo9 4 sale..

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