So we get the new BMW X5

So we get the new BMW X5

2008 bmw x5

I always had many unkind words for the previous the BMW X5. It is driven by overspeeding yuppies, cannot go off-road and did not have a reason to exist. But for some reason, I was anticipating the delivery of the new X5 at my parking lot. There is something to be said about about a big 4WD that can outrun most “normal” cars on the road. And I just had to see the gadgetry that was advertised in the press releases.

Well, I am looking at it right now, and it doesn’t seem like the “miracle” vehicle that other “leading” magazines made it out to be. It looks a lot like the old one too. But it really does exude character, enough for me to stare at it for a whole minute after I got it. Normally I don’t bother for that long.

What do you think?



  1. woooooo… looking goodd….and shinyy….well cant wait to get myself on the wheels….LEt me see the differnce of driving this X5..yo

  2. Author


  3. Do check if the tiptronic shifts when the user tells it to. one thing i hate in bmws

  4. hope you got the 4.8lt one and not the 6cylinder :mrgreen:
    wats so special about the gadgetry? usual idrive stuff??
    that sunroof is BIIGG

  5. VW Touareg or Cayenne better than X5

  6. ali…like the feel in the BMW…

    drove this BMW X5,,, nuthin so special as compared to the other BMW models, but yeah…bigger sunroof..fancy automatic gear shiftin..kinda cool..looking big and good .ooopss the negative thingies—hard steering..pick up is not all that great and last of all the aircondition sucks.


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