Anyone want a VW Jetta review?

Anyone want a VW Jetta review?


We have been asking for an Eos or a Jetta for a month now, getting a date from VW and then getting postponed from their side again and again. Now, we don’t even mind being on a waiting list with a confirmed date in February 2012, but after numerous follow-ups by us, we were told by VW that there are preferences on who gets these cars for a test. This is an indirect hint that namely “established” magazines will drive the car before us. Even that “other” auto site drove these cars ages ago. We’ve decided to not follow up any more, but if any of our readers really want us to review a VW, let us know via the contact form.

And as general information, we’d like to mention that we now have a larger verifiable readership than Autocar ME, AutoMiddleEast, Wheels, Performance Magazine, Arabia Motors, Car Middle East and many of the other car magazines. We’ll openly display numbers once we reach a certain number that we can actually be proud of, but if anyone from the industry asks for statistics, we do give it out.

What do you think?



  1. No,i don’t want a Jetta review.For what?

  2. Author

    I dunno. They offered it to us instead of the Eos originally. Apparently their new PR guy thinks we are tiny compared to those ass-kissing magazines.

  3. guys go for something more exciting…try the new audi tt for a change? looks refreshing?

  4. Author

    Hehe, Audi totally hates us. We reviewed two of their cars and they said my writing is offensive and inaccurate, totally ignoring any positive points we mentioned. They can’t take even a bit of criticism. Sometimes these people think they’re doing me a favour by letting me drive their dull cars, when it’s the other way round.

  5. nice man keep it up 😀 i rem some nut website claiming to have the highest traffic in the region…cant even rem the name nw…hope they see this.

  6. Let’s face it – the way the VW and Audi Dealers treat this site is actually the way the treat US – the end customers and it is totally not acceptable! I have read the mediocre reviews on the Jetta in the fency magazines but the give the reader nothing but shallow information (aka advertisement) without the so much needed indepth analysis.

  7. megarock, these PR fail to realise the important media that really gets them the popularity…..just that old feel still in them….magazines, books, ..etc….I dont care a ….a big favor done to us

  8. damm sexy car… i like it.. :mrgreen:

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