2008 Honda Accord totally revealed

2008 Honda Accord totally revealed

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

As usual, we are the first to break news about yet another launch of a popular car. This time, it is the all-new 2008 Honda Accord, unveiled in the United States. Apparently the sedan is now big enough to be classified as a large car by the US-government EPA standards. And the Americans also get a coupe version.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

There are three basic engines available, including a 3.5-litre iVTEC V6 producing 273 horsepower and 339 Nm of torque. It also features a new Variable Cylinder Management system when ordered in the sedan that can power the vehicle on three, four or all six cylinders.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

The other two engines are a 2.4-litre inline-four producing 200 hp and 230 Nm, and yet another 2.4-litre producing 180 hp and 225 Nm.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

All models of the 2008 Accord can be had with a five-speed automatic, while four-cylinder models can also be had with a 5-speed manual transmission, and the V6 Coupe can be optioned with a six-speed manual.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

Trim levels include the LX and LX Premium (LX-P), EX and EX-L, and the EX V6, while the coupe is offered as the LX Sport (LX-S), EX, EX-L and EX V6.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

This segment sells itself largely based on safety, and the new Accord has it in spades. This will be the first time the entire Accord model range comes standard with four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes. Vehicle Stability Assist with traction control is also standard, along with six airbags.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

The styling of course is even safer than the safety features, and will appeal to its conservative target market. The coupe tries hard to be different, but it will probably not be launched here. We believe Honda will save the sedan for the launch at the Dubai Motor Show.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

This is all you need to know about Honda’s latest family hauler. Nothing unexpected or new, except for more efficient engines. Also, expect prices to be similar to the current model.

2008 2009 honda accord sedan coupe dubai saudi

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  1. not really liking it. but 339Nm of torque from a HONDA????????? thats mighty impressive…. 😈

  2. shut up this car is amzin probably way faster than the v6 altima maybe even faster than the toyota avalon

  3. looks like yaris from the rear !

  4. the rear just looks way too wierd!

  5. rear not look good..
    but honda is hona dudes…
    superb car
    coupe looking awsome.

  6. I dissagree with you suckers, the reer view god damn is better than the jackass Mercedes S-class and that scum bag which they call it maybach….

  7. 0% exterior styling…….. 😡
    tooo bad ……..best accord was the 2003 \-2006 the Khaleej Version or cal it the Middle east version for the nanies

  8. thought it was a camry from a distance 😛

  9. from the side it looks like a bmw. like some1 already said, 0% exterior styling…

  10. coupe is good but sedan from the rear is n’t as good as 2006 models,and headlamps kinda look like sonata. but all in all is a good car.

  11. excellent car, every thing perfect, amazing BHP, and torque…rear could be more nicer…

  12. 3.5 V6 is impressive …..but front part looks a bit sad……nice copy work (door curves from BMW 5 series)….grill work really pathetic……….

  13. It looks like a Hyundai and a Ford collided…I’m going to the local Toyota dealership to buy a Camry…

  14. saddam new camry is very bad to drive slow as ever.
    but honda is honda sexy hot car.
    i like new coupe version but i think its not come in middle east market.

  15. Finally , the best looking Honda ever.better than camry and altima

  16. i think 273 horsepower and 339 Nm of torque are gross value,, net value in honda cars always is 30 hp less.
    what are your ideas about that ?????????

  17. This is a total dissapointment.Seems like designers took ideas from sonata/BMW/Civic.Honda should have stuck to their trademark understated design.The front grill is such a sorry sight feels like they tried to incorporate the Honda Legend grill.

  18. This is a Honda, i can assume taht it is a pleasure driving it,
    The exterior couldn’t be better, but it could be much more better
    The interior is not for an accord
    Advise for Honda:
    Guys, please you have potential beleive in it and do not consider the look of other cars, just be creative…. to the end!

  19. Author

    These are the net values. I only list net values. You can expect Honda UAE to list it as 300+.

  20. i just want know the tire size of it. 2007 was 205 60 R16, which was too unsporty
    i hope this one comes with 245 45 R18, like lumina ss

  21. those who are saying its better than the altima (am just gona say they have to wait till they lunch the new altima at the end of september and then they can compare the two cars).
    oh!!!!! :mrgreen: i forget also to remind you guys that they will lunch here the new maxima 😀 and i asked the person in the service center and he told me they will lunch it maybe in december (and i hope that most of you still remember why most of those who own the old model (maxima)they suffer fom the insurence) 👿
    the new altima 3.5 has 270 HP and am sure that it will be lighter than the new accord. (the horse power will be compensated buy the reduction in weight)
    in case of reliability most of you know that toyota is the best one in this part (you want to know why ???).for ex. lets take the prado and the pathfinder the prado has a 6 cy. inline but path has V6, the path has 291 HP “and go to the UAE nissan dealer website to check” but the prado has 262 HP(check alfuttaim website), which is more by about 30 Hp although they have the same dis.(4 litters) the second thing i learned that the V produces more than the in-line but it lives less than the in-line because its more complicated(thats why people always choose the prado because it lives longer but they dont care about the performance). as a comment, in this website they said that the path has 270 HP, i dont know from where did the brought this info. 😕 maybe from nissan USA web site :mrgreen: also for the altima and the mourano 2008 the values are incorrect (the Hps and the acc.)and you can go and check the nissan website
    those who are living in dubai they can observe that the # of altima cars is more than even the new camry. and people start to buy the new altima instead of the camry(except those who only care about the brand). i admit that the body of the hoda accord is much stronger than the altima or the camry and its more lux. but in case of power nissan start in producing cars that have the most powerfull engines and they dont care about the lux. like toyota or hoda. but as the sales man who is working in nissan told me ” our cars here does not have in case of lux. what you can see in toyota or honda but i can add all of these in a nissan tiida (but for those who have a honda or camry they cant change the performace of their cars from the dealer). for ex theirs a package it cost about 11000 Dhs to add two screens,DvD, rear camera, and other things but i dont remember and all of you can go and ask about this package (its shown in Armada)
    am sorry 😕 for writing too much
    but from my point of view as a mechanical engineer 🙂 the engine is the heart of each car and without the engine there is no car even if it was a (maybach).

  22. 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 in case of the Hp thing. although the values for nissan cars are gross, but the net is still higher than toyota or honda 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

  23. mr.mohamad my friend has the 2007 3.0 V6 honda accord and we raced the 3.5 nissan altima V6. it got f***ed like hell.
    altima looks good but plsz dont compar the performance ot nissan and honda.

  24. mr. snoop please can you tell me if the accord has a manual tran. and also what about the altima if it was auto because go to nissan web page and go to tha performance page and you will see it take from 0-100 5.95 sec (manual) and if you go to any car forum.
    they are comparing the altima V6 with the lumina SS (5.7L)not the honda :mrgreen: . and many people are saying it beats the lumina till 120 Kphs
    but after that the lumina wins (because it has a bigger engine)
    the other thing is the driver (if you have two guys and they have the same car one of them is going to beat the other although they have the same car 😯 ) so please. my concs. are not based on races between chil. people its based on #s. and let me till you some thing, if you care about racing thing go to youtube and see its comm. they are saying its faster from 0-100 than camry V6 honda V6 and (ACCura V6) do you know whats accura (am sure you did) 🙂 😉
    thanks for your comment

  25. People just wait the 3.8 Mitsubishi Galant
    Who has Accord, Altima or any thing else will cry……..

  26. Guys , i belive Honda 2007 has better body then 2008. I cant see any creativity in the new model 🙁 . Just copied BMW & S class Mercs shape 👿 . I was waiting for 2008 model but after seeing above pics , i have decided to go for 2007 model with Free Rear sensor & Bluetooth inbuilt. 😀

  27. I see tha bad thing in some cars in this web (Handling).
    could you explain what does it mean.

  28. Its all wrong….Accords have a legacy of alternating their shapes ….now its just garbage (coz its trying to belend a Camry, Sonata, S class design

  29. Looks similar to the camry ,but m gonna wait to check it out on raod . it is eye catching though. the coupe does look great . regarding tyres i agree .accord needs to get some bigger ones. Are the gonna launch the 2008 accord coupe here in dubai … is the question ????

  30. hey CAn anY oNE teLL me THE diffrenCE b/W nET aND grOSs hp aND torQue hOW tHese FIgURes Are AChieved 😕

  31. the gross is always more than the net HP. Because the gross is the one thats coming from the engine directly. but the net is the one that we get after alot of losses (efficiency,friction,heat,…..etc).and we measure the net from the wheels. the torque is some thing different
    i took it (mechanical engineer)
    power= torque * omega
    omega is: angular speed
    for example if you want to increase the torque you have to lower the speed, and vice versa.
    and thats you can see it in many applications
    like trucks (they have a very low RPM but the torque is very high thats why it can carry heavy loads but it cant be faster than cars)
    and in the sports cars you will notice that the it can reach a high RPM but it cant carry high loads(all of the power is transmitted as a speed instead of torque) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  32. Author

    Largely correct on the definition, but even NET hp is not measured at the wheels (which would be called “wheel hp” or whp). NET hp is indeed still measured at the flywheel, but it takes into account losses from accessories such as fans, pumps, etc. Even many of the stupid “professional” magazine writers here don’t know this much. 😀

  33. is the net hp the point of intersection between the torque and bhp on a dyno curve?

  34. Author

    No ya AUS oaf. Net hp listed by car companies just refers to peak net hp. Net torque is a separate graph whose peak is advertised by car companies. Doesn’t matter where they intersect.

  35. man you are so good (for sure you have to) :mrgreen:
    you know i like to talk about these things
    but am going to say it
    the only company that cares about whats called (engineering)
    is porsche 🙂
    since i was freshman in my university i used to measure the level of the cars by the (top speed, which one is faster, and the other silly things). but after i get deep in the major i really knew that we cant compare cars by those silly things (its really much complicated than that) 😉

  36. what did you mean by AUS :???:am in American University of Sharjah (AUS) 😎

  37. that was a title passed on from mash 😉 he loved AUS so much and cried while leaving the main gates…i shall join u too ya oaf

  38. Author

    Yeah, sadly, me and cb are from AUS too. I just got out of there 3 months ago. And we are also engineers. Imagine that.

  39. you are joking you both were in the AUS (seriecly) 😯 😯
    what was the major if so 😉

  40. Guys are you serious (and if so) in which major you were both? 😯

  41. OMG, i swear i thought you guys were joking
    nice man (engineering Rules)
    without eng we will stay living in tents ..lool 😆
    what about mash
    am waiting for the answer

  42. i answered for both. we both majored in elec engg.

  43. Author

    Yeah, I used to bring a different car to college every week at one point.

  44. can anyone tell me when is the accord sedan 2008 arriving in Dubai and the Middle East ????? pllz anyone who knows pls reply………..

  45. thats it(mohamad) any idea about the arrival of the accord sedan 2008 in dubai and the other gulf countries???

  46. guys, i was looking at the saudi forums and saw a video for it. when it reaches saudi arabia. but unfortunitly 😥 am not sure when they will lunch it. i will try to find the link for that video
    nice car :mrgreen:

  47. this is an arabic (saudi)website.
    some of these pics are the same as the above and some are new hope you enjoy them (for ahmed and ali) 😉
    if you are nonarab just take a look at the pics :mrgreen:
    and i will continue looking for the video 🙁

  48. these are the links
    open the links that are from youtube website

  49. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury, do have any idea about the launch of this car????????????? plz reply.

  50. Author

    Dude, if I knew, I would’ve already announced it.

    P.S. I just got an email today from Honda inviting me to the launch of “an exciting new car” on November 4th. Probably the Accord.

  51. Thankz…………..

  52. man da car has gud power producin all new engine…but da side looks more like bmw 5 series and front looks like hyundai sonata…and rear lights or okay da car is a total copy….

  53. Just try than speak up!

    V6 Coupe is an AMAZING CAR!

  54. 😯 😈 😐 V6 is coupe is good but coupe has a problem in shape and its shape is like rc car. 😳 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 😡 🙁 😀 👿 😎 😕 🙂

  55. I think the honda is the best car cuz i have one and it is V6 and its super fast and i love it you guys just don’t know what your missing…. you guys are haters and the back of the car is very nice it does not look like a Yaris.

  56. Dear,
    It is good site. It is the cars the will be dirved for many of the required people tasks and business.

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