2008 Mitsubishi Lancer spotted in Dubai

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer spotted in Dubai


One of our readers, Muhammad Talha, who previously sent us photos of the next Nissan Altima in the UAE, apparently found the stash of 2008 Mitsubishi Lancers that we were earlier secretly told existed somewhere in Dubai.


There are 10 of these cars, seemingly Lancer GTS models with Rockford Fosgate stereos, sitting at the used car market in Dubai, with destination listed as Al Habtoor Motors. We already know that the local dealers are simply sitting on these cars, waiting for HQ in Japan to give the go-ahead for launch. It’s already being delayed for quite a while now.


Mitsubishi shouldn’t delay any longer. I haven’t been this interested in a small car since the launch of the new Honda Civic.


For more photos of the actual 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer, check our our previous report.

What do you think?



  1. cool. just 10 cars eh? i do hope its better than the civic. i need to buy a car by december!!!!

  2. Looks lika a Mazda 3 at one glance,not so impressive 😐

  3. Are they with the new 150 Hp, 2 L engine?

  4. yes 2l 150+ hp though its heavy (3000lbs??)

  5. nice looking car… thank GOD.

  6. 😈 ooohh anyone know when they are being launched in dubai?? i WANT ONE 😛

  7. Mitsubishi needs to go away…their cars are crap…

  8. Good move to come in the Dubai Market 👿

  9. cool car ;especially the WRC version 😎

  10. Author

    Here’s bit of news. I spotted the basic model driving around at Dragon Mart (Dubai) while I was flogging the Hummer H3 tester. The guy was driving so slowly I overtook him with my slow-ass baby Humvee.

  11. Seems like Mitsubishi has woken up finally for a change seems like a good design

  12. Lancer 2008 EX is being launched today in Bahrain

  13. Lancer GLX 2000cc Low Line:
    CODE: CY4ASTSHLW (D07) Auto Trans. (w/ sports mode) Net Price: AED49,500/-

    Lancer GLS 2000cc High Line:
    CODE: CY4ASTMHLW (L61) Auto Trans. (w/ sports mode) Net Price: AED56,000/-

  14. So. has any of you purchased this car? What are your insights on this model? I’m planning to buy a GT model… what do you guys think?

  15. This car over all is a nice car because u get more than u pay as u can see it’s highly equipped which gives it an advantage with that great aggressive design .
    I made a little research between Mitsubishi lancer GTS and the new Toyota corolla XLE
    I specifically chosen the corolla XLE because they are at the same price in Gulf area.

    First Exterior the corolla is a mini Camry which makes it lack its own personality
    While the Mitsubishi lancer GTS stands up for its self and really give u an impression that this car has a little touch of European design and the front looks like shark head .

    Second the interior in the corolla more high quality than the Mitsubishi lancer GTS
    And the corolla makes u feel that u are isolated that the surrounding environment but the interior is boring for me while Mitsubishi lancer GTS it is less quality and the cabin is so noisy but its beautiful also and some how matches little with the exterior, hoever I for got to say that the Mitsubishi lancer GTS is more roomy than the corolla

    Third the performance the Mitsubishi lancer GTS got heavier so don’t expect to much from the 2.liter engine but it quit handles good while Toyota corolla it is not really good for me in the handling

    Fourth resale value sorry guys but I have to say the Toyota wins in that but don’t forget the Sun and Sound Package which make me forget about the reasale value I am 21 and car really matters for me

  16. Hi, iam planing to take lanncer ex GT . can anyone give ur valuable suggestions.

  17. Author

    You will find more information about the new Lancer here:

  18. i have mitsubishi lancer gls and for me its ok good performance

  19. Hi Guys!

    I own a Lancer GT 09 2.0L. I can safely say that for my likes its a pretty decent car… performance wise… but if you are going for a Lancer, then the GT version is the only version that can satisfy you since its built for performance…

    This car is a bit slow on the initial acceleration because of the weight but this car can move… The acceleration of the GT is a bit sluggish for the first 3-4secs… but replacing a few stock exteriors with lighter after market parts should do the trick. This car can handle corners very well in comparison to its 2.0L or 2.5L counterparts… one might say what corners in Dubai… but a free turn at 130kmh is a breeze… Guess the 18″ alloys with a tyre depth of 40 gives you performance over comfort… but its definitely worth it! sad that we don’t get the 2.4L version in the UAE. 🙁

    The only interior perks of the Lancer GT is the sun & sound package! a sun roof coupled with an extremely satisfying 9 speaker Rockport sound system makes it worth your while… you’ll know what im talking about once the 10″ sub woofer kicks in 🙂
    The design of the 09 GT needs no introduction… its aggressive shark shaped front and the large chrome lined black front grill and smooth flowing side skirts make the stock Lancer stand out from every one of its competitors without a doubt!
    A catback or exhaust system, rear bumper lip and 215R tyres instead of the stock 205R tyre is good enough to finish off the aggressive after market look.

    Its a good car to buy… my next car should be the infinity G35 hopefully, since Mitsubishi, i assume has given the best for now and don’t think they will be coming out with a better version for some time….

    If you have around 70k to spare and looking for a car that can perform then this is the car for you.

  20. If only they sell the manual one here; then it will go well with its already good handling…

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