2008 Nissan Altima testing in UAE

2008 Nissan Altima testing in UAE

2008 nissan altima

The new-generation Nissan Altima has been out in the United States for many months now, but we in the GCC still get the old model. However one of our readers, Muhammad Talha, managed to snag a few photos of the 2008 Altima undergoing hot-weather testing near the Fujairah mountains in our very own United Arab Emirates.

2008 nissan altima

Along with its distinctive styling, the new fourth generation 2008 Altima utilizes the all-new Nissan “D” platform with improved body rigidity and a redesigned suspension, while retaining a front-wheel drive setup.

2008 nissan altima

The new Altima sedan also offers eiter a six-speed manual or an Xtronic CVT automatic, a choice of a 270 hp 3.5-litre V6 or a 175 hp 2.5-litre inline 4-cylinder engine, and a long list of features, including available Intelligent Key with Push Start Ignition, Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System, RearView Monitor and an advanced touch-screen navigation system.

2008 nissan altima

In the United States, where the Altima sedan is built, a coupe version is also offered, but we doubt it will come here.

2008 nissan altima

We expect the car to come to the region before the start of the winter season.

2008 nissan altima

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  1. very hot car and better looking than previous one. 🙂

  2. Altima 3.5 should be rear wheel Drive and new shapes interior is Awsommmmmm 🙂

  3. The interior is better no doubt, but I like the current shape more.

  4. i love this car man…. damm sexy and hot…. :mrgreen:

  5. Its really nice 🙂 , but i dont like the steering wheel

  6. The interior looks very bad…the stering looks very cheap it has plastic on the side…and the speedo meter looks like the kia optima….as i think they tried to do it like the infiniti but turned out to be like this…

    • if its not positive then you should say crap like that. if you feel bad about the car then dont get it, you might be mad because they came and repoed your car so let them promote their s=dang car and shut up

  7. well everything looks fine but there is a doubt about the inbuilt navigation and the bose sound system……..its available in the U.S. versions …….can expect in U.A.E ….and the price …..there will be a price hike for sure….good news …..push button ignition:)

  8. ALTIMA. hmmm.. one of the famous cars.. evryone fond with…looks like a neat car from the inside..think got to get off to test driving this big monster hehe

  9. i wonder what happened to Nissan Maxima?? everyone loves maxima, altima is not even near to it, if take it from handling

  10. its bout time they got it! i guess they finally sold off all the ‘old’ stock off over here..

  11. I love to get in and drive my new altima. lacking only one thing… clock in dash. the auto transmission is seamlessly smooth and powerful.lot of confidence on the road. 😆

  12. am sure its going to beat the camry (incase of even luxury)

  13. given the luks of maxima 07 in the US.

  14. interior looks okay but otherwise im sorry to say it looks just as ugly as the 2007 one id rather get a maxima

  15. I love the old Altima better..New one just Ok, the rear lights are not that impressive. What happened to Maxima?? When is that coming… 😎

  16. nissan has def done an excellent job on this car…ive driven the 07 model as well as an 05 model. Not only has the looks changed, the drive has gotten much better. its incredibly smooth, gear shifting is virtually undetectable with its CVT trans. Also, believe me, the car looks so much better in real life than in pictures…truly an amazing car!!

  17. i hate this car. 270 hp with 215 tire size,,,,

  18. they will lunch the new maxima
    the new dealer AWR who owns the nissn and infinity is upgrading most of his cars
    look at the armada
    i wish if it comes with a navy. i dont care if they increase the price :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  19. the exterior is superb….interior ….the old one was better….

  20. Great interior. Could do better with the material used. A definite better looking model than the previous altima. Good job nissan but you forget,yet again, that interiors matter alot.

  21. :mrgreen: I went to the showroom today just to see the car, but i made a downt paymeny already and will receive the car within two days, by the way i bought the top of the range silver colore one

  22. Down payment, sorry

  23. hey…does any1 know if the altima coupe will be arriving in uae? 😐 and when……i hope some1 knows….cz i think if the coupe comes…ill wait.

  24. Feb/Mar ’08 supposedly

  25. Its the number 1 but the intirior is not that much 😕

  26. I like the car but interior is not empressing me specially the steering wheel and the gear design

  27. its not nice i like maxima

  28. Nissan you are no 1.

  29. It is one of the most beautiful car in the world. I like ALTIMA. It is my future car now I have a CAPTIVA

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