Police says Ford Mondeo is inflammable

Police says Ford Mondeo is inflammable

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The United States and Europe have civilian governmental authorities to monitor dangerous defects in cars. Around here, we have the Dubai Police apparently. The police forensics lab found a defect that can cause fires in 2.0-litre Ford Mondeos, and are asking owners to head to the nearest dealer for free repairs.

Gulf News reported the following:

The police have urged Ford Mondeo owners to have their cars checked at the dealership immediately to repair a manufacturing defect in cars built between 2002 and 2006.

There are reportedly 2,751 cars of this model in the UAE and 14,000 cars in the Gulf region, the police said.

The Police Forensic Sciences and Crime Science Department found that some of the two litre engine vehicles caught fire due to a fault in the dynamo.

The technical report revealed that the fault puts pressure on the electric cables of the car’s battery. This leads to the increase in the temperature of those cables and melting of the cables, it said.

Ford announced that it would make the necessary repairs to this model. The police contacted the local dealers of the vehicle and they showed a positive response to the issue, the police said.

By “dynamo,” I am assuming they mean the alternator. Incidentally, we know someone who owns a 2003 Mondeo, and it has been a constant headache for him. He did get his “dynamo” changed last year with a scrap one after the expensive original one crapped out. Maybe he can get a new one for free now.

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  1. My friend has one…overheated thrice in a year! hasnt blown up yet though

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