2009 Jaguar X-Type gets mild refresh

2009 Jaguar X-Type gets mild refresh


The Jaguar X-Type was always considered a joke since the day it was released. It drives well enough, it looks great, and it even improved its reliability record over the years. But its price combined with the fact that it is simply a reworked Ford Mondeo was enough to spell disaster for what was supposed to be Jag’s volume model. Unlike the S-Type-to-XF transformation, the X-Type gets a minor refresh to keep it going until it is killed eventually.


Changes are limited to accessories, cabin trim and styling, although Jaguar claims there are as many as 500 changes. Umm, yeah.


What do you think?



  1. it’s still very lame and somewhat small;with its price ,u can buy chrysler 300c,or BMW 3-series,or chevy lumina SS or more.

  2. still the same stupid jag shape…no changes?!?!?!?

  3. The much criticised X type is actually very good – econimical diesel (and green) as well as a high quality interior coupled with good looks – especially the estate, which is much better than the BMW 3 series. I have done over 50,000 trouble free miles and have had BMW / audi’s before but the charm of the Jaguar gets by Vote. Looking forward to seeinf the face lift but hanker for the XF – who with red blood doesn’t!

  4. I own an X-type and get fed up with people who constantly call me mondeo man. I drive my jag/ford with pride and feel the bees knees in it. I can keep up with most mondeos even though the body is a heavy lump and not very aerodynamic. I am simply not like a mondeo rep, I buy my suits from ‘next’ not ‘primark’. I think you call it middle management and I now have a car to match.

  5. I have a 2004 X-Type with standard transmission. Rides beautifully; no problems; looks great. One problem is that the sole dealer in Brooklyn from whom I purchased the jag “closed” and there is no other dealer in the borough.
    Sorry the car is no longer available in the USA… I would buy another.

  6. I own a 2004 X-Type and I love everything about it (except having to buy Premium gas)….The one good thing about the body style not changing is no one really knows if I have a brand new one or a 6 year old model…LOL

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