So we got a GMC Acadia too

So we got a GMC Acadia too


To give our lumbering Infiniti QX56 some company this Eid, we also got a brand new GMC Acadia as a little brother. Except that the “little one” is also pretty big and likes to park in the adult parking lot. It’s a good thing and a bad thing that parking is free during the holidays. Good because I don’t have to shell out more money to the RTA. Bad because every cheap nincompoop will now come out of the woodwork and fill up the limited spaces.

The Acadia is a sharp-looking vehicle inside and out, but the looks are slightly deceiving. Most of the interior plastics are hard, and the headlight button is already somewhat broken. Should be a comfortable drive though. Like the Infiniti QX56, it also comes with three rows of seating, except that it is much easier to gain access to the third row in the Infiniti. GMC has added an automatic tailgate, a DVD player and even a panoramic sunroof, but they should be shot for expecting people to squeeze through the two second-row “captain’s chairs” to reach the last row.

Time to plan the road trips.

What do you think?



  1. Any plans of test-driving the new Outlander/Lancer?
    Is the outlander being offered in 3.0, or is it just 2.4?

    Moreover, i see that both of these cars are not listed in the ‘New car buyer guide’..please update! 🙂

  2. Author

    We don’t know if Mitsubishi has any for press test drives yet. The new models are already in the guide. It’s just that etisalat hasn’t updated their server cache. Try pressing CTRL and clicking REFRESH together.

  3. Thankyou for the info.
    I found the new cars,
    I was actually waiting to see a review of the NEW lancer from your side. Your style of writing is interesting and very evaluative! 🙂
    I’m eager to drive the new GT. Given the money, say 60000AED; would you buy the lancer, corolla or the civic?
    Please keep in mind all the considerations while buying a new car!

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Author

    The Civic is already better than the outdated Corolla. But the Lancer is better value than the Civic. I’ll have to wait and see whether it is also the better car.

  5. I know the Civic is better than the corolla, and the Rolla is outdated. But still it is a HUGE seller..for a number of reasons…
    What i can think of now is Resale and maintenance costs only…

    But thats why i said, keeping in mind all the considerations/concerns while buying a new car…
    Is the lancer a better buy?
    From where i see this, The lancer is definitely better!…Extreme Value for money!! 🙂

  6. well if you need a long distance commuter car the civic might be a better alternative as its more fuel efficient compared to the 2.0lt lancer.

  7. @chris..
    i said keep in mind “ALL” the considerations..

    I dont have to just see the fuel economy…there are a million other things to look out for..

  8. well not many people have driven the lancer yet…so you may have to wait for a bit. however i think the civic will be better in terms of fuel economy, ride quality and prolly acceleration too. looks wise i would choose the lancer over the civic anyday.

  9. i enjoy ******* the ccarr… it was good in the sand and in water.. thank god it survived heheh

  10. what about underwater? 😀

  11. About Altima, I think soft pedals and soft steering is good for girls to drive it. many girls have Altima, and i think the reason is soft steering.

  12. Hey cb, I think that doofus took the GMC underwater and under the sand too.

  13. Hey does the cruise control work underwater?

  14. I saw THE ROCK 1996, Nicolas Cage was driving very beautiful Ferrari, which looks even better than 2007 models.
    Could you tell me what is thename of that Ferrarri, and how much it costs if i bought 1996 used one just like that

  15. hey
    you guys are really professors in sharjah university (12&13)
    am i right???? 😉 :mrgreen:

  16. if so 😛
    thats interisting, that we have Genius people with us.

  17. Author

    Odd questions poppping up here. The Rock had a Pontiac Fiero rebuilt and dressed up as a Ferrari F355, and the actual Ferrari will now cost as much as a new Corvette, which is really a better car.

    As for the professors, ummm….

  18. if you consider professors as Genius people 😯 I am gonna kill my self.

  19. thats why they are called professors. 😆
    yalla, am waiting for your death wish 😀

  20. As i know, every kid under 8 years old wishs to be an astronaut or a professor. so i can call who has these jobs ( kids who never can pass 8 years old mind)

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