So we got an Infiniti QX56

So we got an Infiniti QX56


We were supposed to pick up an Infiniti FX for this Eid-Al-Fitr, so it was a surprise when we were handed the keys to the QX56. Confusing letters aside, we never drove it before, and it is going to be an interesting exercise driving what it possibly the largest passenger vehicle that isn’t a bus. Less obnoxious than the Hummer H2, but still quite a bit longer, it is at least easy to drive.

It is to obvious that this is just a gussied-up American-built Nissan Armada, but it doesn’t lose its off-road gear in the transition (unlike the transition of the offroadable Tahoe to the roadhoney Escalade). Our car is also probably a year old and has seen 29,000 hard kilometres at the hands of media people, as evidenced by fittings that are falling apart. Still, it runs perfectly and guzzles petrol as good as new.

Interestingly enough, this is not the only roadtrip vehicle we are getting this Eid.

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  1. boring big monster 😀

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