PrivatDrive Supercar show in Abu Dhabi

PrivatDrive Supercar show in Abu Dhabi

privatdrive supercar show abu dhabi

The international PrivatDrive Supercar show will be held in Abu Dhabi for the first time from the 2nd till the 4th of February 2008. To be held at the Emirates Palace hotel, it is only open to VIPs and industry people. And we are one of their media partners.

While it is unfortunate that the show is not open to the general public, we’ll of course be there to cover the event. Who’d pass up an opportunity to check out the latest supercars, exotics and luxury behemoths all under one roof?

What do you think?



  1. keep spending money while some people are starving 😥

  2. Yes I haven’t eaten since morning. I expect drivearabia to provide me with food…

  3. convey my regards to all…

  4. why u envy ppl guys, if ur looser dont know how to make it….

    go get a life, an if ur hungry u can always come eat in my phantom RR!

  5. sikk car! too expensive tho ill rather send the money to poor ppl 😉

  6. Show us the luxury cars please

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