So we got a new Toyota Corolla

So we got a new Toyota Corolla


The highlight of my day today was watching a tiny woman in a Toyota Prado ram into the side of some guy’s Chevy Optra for no apparent reason, reinforcing the unfortunate stereotype that most women are poor drivers, as much as I hate to mention this. Maybe she couldn’t see over the steering wheel. Of course this region has its share of men with poor driving skills too. And oh yeah, and I picked up a 2008 Toyota Corolla. A 1.6-litre version no less. It’s been a while since I drove a car this slow. But I’d like to thank Toyota’s PR-lady-of-the-year Marwa for keeping us at the top of the test-drive list. A lot of people are anxiously waiting for our review of this car.

The little Corolla that I grew up in has also grown. Really grown. In fact, from far away, most folks will think it’s a Camry. It also rides like a luxury car, although it needs to keep out more of the outside noise to really be a luxury car.

We got a top-spec 1.6-litre version, so performance figures are dismal. We’d recommend the 1.8-litre engine, but we believe most Corolla buyers will opt for the 1.6-litre anyway.

My, my, it really has grown.


What do you think?



  1. you can compare it with this old red corolla some one still drives 😉

  2. Author

    True, our PR doofus, Diego, still drives a ’99 Corolla. My father drives a ’97 Corolla. And half the country’s illegal private taxis are even older Corollas.

  3. MAsh,
    Thatz too small a review 😥
    expecting more… 🙄

  4. i disagree with you mash, women have gift on driving carefully if they are not sad or angry of something.

    and very nice Corolla, but i thing it needs v6 engine choice to be compared with german cars.

  5. in paskistan and usa the shape came since 2004 and every thong was same only the shape of the lite is little different shame on you toyota japan u copied the shape of thailand

  6. it looks ok but nothing comapered to the new lancer or the civic

  7. nice little car but not the best.

  8. Was expecting slightly more changes in looks , but then again Corloaa buyers will buy the Corolla regardless of how it looks….

  9. just like lund cruiser buyers will buy it regardless of how it looks…. 😉

  10. which colour would go best for honda accord 2008??/

  11. boring small and slowwwww car…
    hate it. :mrgreen:

  12. For 08 Accord, I would guess any color that is not common in the 5-series, i.e. Greenish Ash or Desert Mist would look better on the Accord than navy blue or black as the latter 2 are common in the 5 series

  13. pearl white is the best.

  14. anybody tell me when new shape toyota corrola is going to be launched in pakistan?

  15. in pakistan next year this shape will come i confirm as japan toyota is doing some buissness with me

  16. well shape is as same as camery,japan should think of brakes ,engine,especially SUN ROOF nd special rims

  17. when will we get surpize to see new corolla which will have sun roof,special low profile tires rims 16 or 17 speed meter,?japan pls if u wanna be succesful think of those things.good luck

  18. not like toyota corolla axio the japanese version again not good

  19. hey.. i need help here!!! I live in Egypt and here they sell south african toyota corolla. the say that it’s completley manufactured in south africa but it have more specifications than the japaese one.. i’ve got the japanese one with the gulf specifications but i dun know which one to buy.. the south african Has a new Engine called 1ZR-FE 1.6 AND THE SAY it produces 142 hp
    and it has got an MM-T transmission. would u help me to decide which one to buy plz???

  20. Author

    The Euro-spec 1ZR-FE 1.6 has VVT-i and has 124 hp. In Dubai, the GCC-spec 1.6 engine has 107 hp. There’s your answer.

  21. the japaneese corolla looks beetter. That’s a pity that this one is sold

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