Riyadh auto show on, Dubai show success

Riyadh auto show on, Dubai show success


The capital of Saudi Arabia will be hosting the Riyadh Motor Show 2007, from the 9th to the 13th of December, at the Riyadh Exhibition Centre. While we expect no women in skimpy clothes on the stands, we don’t expect any women drivers to be there either. However, this reminded us of this year’s Dubai Motorshow, and thought we’d publish some numbers about the most expensive cars shown there.

Visited by 101,000 people this year, the Dubai event also sold some of the most expensive cars right there on the show floor:

  • 2 Maybach Landaulet status-symbols were pre-sold before production even begins, at Dhs 2 million each.
  • 9 Range Stormers fake-concepts, by West Coast Customs, were ordered at Dhs 1.3 million each.
  • 3 Shelby Ultimate Aero too-fast-for-the-public supercars were sold, at Dhs 2.16 million each.
  • 4 International MXT this-should-be-illegal trucks were sold, at Dhs 450,000 each.
  • 25 Audi R8 beaten-with-an-ugly-stick exotics were sold, at maybe around Dhs 450,000 each.

A profitable day for the car dealers, but I’ll let you make your own judgements about these numbers.

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