RTA apparently fines Dubai carpoolers

RTA apparently fines Dubai carpoolers


According to an article in Gulf News, plain-clothes RTA officials have been going around Dubai fining people for simply sharing a car to get to the office. Basically, even if they see you picking up your buddy on the side of the road, you could be slapped with a Dhs 5000 fine. And I can bet you they are probably targetting people with economy cars. Like the trusty old Toyota Corolla that my family owns.

Apparently companies have also been fined for dropping off clients, as well as people who shared a car to the same office. Of course, the RTA claims that their inspectors are well-trained and they know who is sharing a car with friends and who is running an illegal taxi. I guess they are psychic.

So, considering Dubai has the most racist taxi drivers in the world, as well as overcrowded roads and public buses, with the metro-train still 3 years away, we are all supposed to walk.

Want my advice? Keep on carpooling. I have hitched rides before, and it is well worth the convenience. Just keep an eye out for suspicious-looking characters who stare at your car while you are picking up people. And never depend on taxis.

The full article is on Gulf News. And keep the 800 9090 number handy, so you can call in a complaint as your fine is being written.

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  1. i mean whats really wrong with ppl from the same organisation travel in the same car or jus 1 car to their office. i understand the illegal taxes are wrong but what wit car pooling. moreover, ask the RTA to arrange enough and more taxes in the city for the commuters. nothibg less than 1.5 hrs is taken befor u can actually get a taxi. nore than hal fof them are not availab, then they do not stop at all….SO WHAT ARE WWE SUPPOSED TO DO, THEY NEED TO KNOW NOT WORDS ACTION COUNTS !!

  2. this sure is some odd news….but thats what this country is all about….you like it or not….they make the rules and you have to live by them….if they say…walk to work or get deported..you sure have to do that..you cant VOTE out the authority in rule…..this country wants puppets and we are none less in one way or the other….sad but true!!!!!

  3. Dubai Stink … Traffic + Pay = Dubai

  4. YES! .. keep it up RTA .. thats the best thing

    Making angry ppl and more crime .. i love you RTA :mrgreen:

  5. recently RTA has gone absolutely mad they themseleves dunt know what they are upto, first of all their aim is to reduce traffic, so that means people should car pool and on the other hand they are fining ppl for sharing cars.. thats 1st sign of madness… i dunt think there is any co-operation between the dubai police and the rta, ppl are being fined for the same offence such as illegal parking by both the dubai police and as well as RTA.. so a person ends up paying double fine for a single mistake… how dumb dubai can get..
    they want ppl to use public transport which already so overcrowded and they expect more ppl to use them.. jus tell one thing how can ppl rely on buses which dunt even stop at the bus stops cause they are already full.
    RTA suxx

  6. I think we can all agree that since the last 10-15 years Dubai has been trying to become severly westernised. However, Dubai seems to be squeezing out the very financial well being of the people who made Dubai what it is today. The government needs to wake up from this dream their apparently living in, and realise that no matter how much they try, they’re sadly no where close to the big league’s and is very much still a Third World Country………….pathetic.

  7. I have a more funny story. About 3 years ago in Fujairah, the municipality started to confiscate bicycles from the poor workers claiming that they reflects a bad image of Fujairah, and they interfere with traffic!!! Although we all see that all the modern countries are trying to adopt enviromental friendly alternatives! Seems like rules apply only on the poor.

  8. RTA solved a little problem by creating a bigger problem for Dubai.
    If the minds are too simple then whatever they tried to do the situation would be worser. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Shame on them, 😳 😳 😳 they are no doing properly on their position. Eliminating illeagal taxi are useless, they just can’t understand the problem are not those illeagal taxi/bus but themself, if they provide more public bus and route or taxis, nobody could like to take illeagal taxi.

    Just wanner to say how simple minds of them! High salary package offer to single cell animals are wasting the country’s limited resources.

    Anyone agree me? 😀 😀 😎 😎 😎

  9. Paying thousands of dirhams for this country is a useless thing, where in u see all stupid buildings and deserts. I am sure to leave this country in few years. Truely speaking i love my country India(KERALA). No oil no dubai. I still remember the place well known dubai past 12years back when i was doin my 12th it was only desert.RTA rules sucks it was a buitifull place. Now the situation is in such a way when you piss no water comes out it evoporates—->>>>.

  10. And their Driving license rules sucks-big mafia for obtaining driving license keep on failing delibrately should be punished

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