Porsche gets behind kicked by Lexus

Porsche gets behind kicked by Lexus

I was highlighting some time ago how the 2009 Nissan GT-R outran many high-dollar exotics at the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany, with a time of 7:38 minutes, better than the Porsche 911 Turbo and the overhyped Audi R8. However, the pricier Porsche 911 GT2 is even faster, at 7:32 minutes. But another upcoming Japanese car is already running circles around it. The prototype Lexus LF-A posted a time of 7:24 minutes, in full camouflage no less.

Everything else that is faster than the Lexus are all either tuner cars or limited-production toys like the Pagani Zonda F and the Mclaren F1. Even the Porsche Carrera GT, the Koenigsegg CCR and the Bugatti Veyron are slower than the Lexus.

The Lexus LF-A’s time is remarkable, and we expect it be come the world’s most reliable supercar. Its 4.8-litre V10 reportedly churns out 552 hp, with a 9,000 rpm redline. Top speed is said to be at 336 kph. No other details are available, as the final design is not even exposed yet, except for the for the auto-show concept shown in these pictures.

The car will be as expensive as at least the base Ferrari, but will play with the top Ferrari in performance. This car, the Corvette ZR-1 and the GT-R are all showing the snobby European supercar makers how to do it better, for less.


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  1. man, what is happening here. loooool
    what happened to the euro. manu.
    they cant talk any more 😆
    and wait, there will be a powered NSX with 5.0 liters engine(this car rocks) go to world car fans to see the article.
    now the japanese are showing that they are also able to build some super sexy cars

  2. what if this car is fast?these cars are widow makers unless u r a speed expert. 🙁

  3. man this car is very fast 😀 but in worldcarfans website they said that this is not for sure true. we have to wait until they launch it officially. they said from 0-100 in 4 secs. and by the way. although am a huge fan of the GTR and the Supra, but the germans have the best technology in building supercars. although, as i said before porsche became behind nissan and luxes(toyota), but dont forget that porsche build cars since more than 20 years that reach 100 mark in less than 3.5secs. but as you can see now porsche is concentrating on business more than being famous. they started with the SUV (who did think that this car is going to attract alot of people 😕 ) but now you can see that many people wish to buy it and the roads are crowded with it. now they will launch the panamera and in my opinion its so ugly from the back, but this is a business for them. 😉

  4. thatsit, i think toyota have a lot of money to spare 😉 the LF-A is just their new toy

  5. Cheap as you and your website are, you will definitely continue to be snubbed by european car makers, particularly Porsche which do not allow you near their cars (and they are right)

    Did you forget to mention that Porsche is flat 6, and your toy is V10? and that porsche is 3.6L and your toy is 4.8L. Did you forget to mention that Porsche have been building sports cars for 40 years and Lexus has been only copying Mercedes and BMW shapes, but without the soul, of course.

    MAking such comments on european cars, is just short-sighted. Grow up, and get over your being snubbed complex!!

  6. lol we have a porsche fanboy here. why do you keep visiting this cheap website and people? go back and read more about the Porsche Carrera GT which you claimed does not exist.

  7. Author

    It is true though. I own a Lexus LF-A.

  8. pity..all those millions they make and too cheap to give out cars to the press..

  9. Mr hussam…since u know alot about porsche cars and am a fan of them…dont forget that both GT2 and Turbo have the turbo charging system which is considered as forced induction system while the LF-A is a natural aspired machine with out any help from a turbo or a supercharger…u know the carrera GT that has the 620 hp, has a 5.6 liters engine’as i still remember’… am with u that porsche cars are a type of special machines that almost everyone wish to have one…but japanese are trying to show also that they are able to compite with them…look at the GTR and wait for the LF-A…both are a very strong cars with a good prices. and the old japanese cars were very powerfull cars and it was known that their engine blocks can handle a high HP..but the problem is that they were not allowed to launch a car that has more than 300 HP..but this rule now is broken by those new models…porsche will not stand without replying at them(am with U in this point)..but that made them think again about how they are pricing their cars with respect to their powers and abilities. now u dont have to pay around half a million for the 911 turbo while the GTR is available for 260000 DHS with even a better performance…am with u that still porsche is porsche…but U will be shy when U see a 260K cars F***ks UR beloved half a million car..am i right….now U noticed that porsche is upgrading most of their cars from transmissions to interiors and even their engines and that good actually because we also will have some benefits from those upgrades…..let this WAR keep in going and see when they will break the 7 minutes time in the track’u know what track am talking about 😉 ‘

  10. mr. thatsit…hussam knows nothing about porsche cars. he wrote a post some time back arguing that the porsche carrera gt does not exist. you can save your time by ignoring his dumb posts.

  11. then please mr. hussam…ignore my comment. how u think that carrera gt doesnt exist???? go habibi go hehehe

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