So I reviewed my own damn Jeep

So I reviewed my own damn Jeep


Being a slow month for anything related to cars, due to the long holidays, I went about reviewing my own 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 Limited. Having had it for only 3 months, this is my longest review ever, but it is important to fight back some of the negative commentary I received for buying it instead of just another anonymous Toyota or Nissan cramming the roads.

The main reasons I got it is because it performs better, is cheaper, and looks better than any of the usual choices among used 2002 models. If you are only worried about resale value or cheap parts, then this not the used car for you. You’ll know more about it once the review is done.

What do you think?



  1. Mash, can you please review the new Mondeo? I am really excited about it.and the mazda mx5(miata) if you can.thanks and i love this site.

  2. Author

    Mondeo could happen if Ford breaks their policy of one-day-only test drives for us. Mazda, they’re too cheap to give cars, last we checked.

  3. “Current Model Introduced in:

    I think that needs to be edited hehe 😉
    Great article! We owned a 1998 jeep grand cherokee, and sold it only a month ago 😉 yes, it was fine until early 2007

  4. well…i guess Ford change tis policy of one-day-test if they want their car’s to be known to the world..right now, only very few ppl know how good the ford’s really are..well i guess a good marketing strategy is wot they lack!

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