So we got a 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

So we got a 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser


You must’ve read all the reviews about this big lump already, but I’ll probably be able give some new insights into this long-awaited new model, given the sad nature of journalism in this region. It certainly isn’t the rocket that everyone was hoping for, given that it gets a 4.7 V8 instead of the 5.7 in the GCC. But it is a very luxurious vehicle that packs some interesting new technology.

Mind you, some of the toys are already found in ultra-expensive machines like the Range Rover, but it is good to see these things trickle down to Toyotas. Among features found in our fully-loaded tester are an automatic crawl feature, the optional dynamic suspension system, remote start with an additional aftermarket-looking key fob, a kickass stereo and a navigation system straight out of Lexus.

Unlike little brothers Prado and FJ, the Land Cruiser uses automatic all-wheel-drive with low range, so its 4WD system is useful on the road too. Our tester has a centre diff-lock, but not the rear diff-lock. So far, it is a decent performer, as comfortable as before. We will rip it up in the coming days.


What do you think?



  1. moving 2600kg suv + mash weight which is about 200kg :mrgreen: in 8.6 s is something great.

  2. Author

    I weigh nowhere near 200 kg. And it is very hard to get 8.6

  3. I think she meant your PR guy 😆

  4. very big SUV but with nice new things

  5. mash. i found that the top speed of land cruiser both V6 and V8 are 200 kph, while the Diesel model is 210kph. i got these numbers from the user’s manual inside a landcruiser in the showroom.

  6. Author

    You are right. I read the manual in my tester too. It just slipped my mind later.

  7. Hi Mr. Mashfique i was just wondering what you think about the GMC ACADIA and the lEXUS ES?

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