Kia Borrego 4WD coming as 2009 model

Kia Borrego 4WD coming as 2009 model


At a time when petrol prices are going up, Kia has decided to launch a fullsize 4WD with a truck-like body-on-frame structure, with a choice of V6 and V8 engines. Depending on market, it will be called Borrego or Mohave.


Details are sparse at the moment as Kia is trying to tease bored people with photos of its new truck, which probably will be offroad-capable and have three rows of seating. The engines will probably be variants of new Hyundai Genesis motors.


What do you think?



  1. hey finally a Kia 4WD that actually looks good. and at least it will [hopefully] do good off-road, unlike the useless sorento and sportage

  2. Whatz the name for our region???

  3. Author

    Here it will be called the Kia Land Cruiser.

  4. hahahahaha

  5. Mash lol…lol…lolz 😆

  6. hehehehehehe :mrgreen:

  7. kia has made a good SUV like the landcruiser but has the worst truck form

  8. it will be called Borrego in UAE and in most parts of the world and Mohave in Korea. If anyone here is interested in Kia and wants more info on it, they can go to this site: . Its a kia blog and a new post about Kia is available every two days! its an awsome blog and its also got a forum. 🙂

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