2009 Hyundai Genesis unveiled in Korea

2009 Hyundai Genesis unveiled in Korea


Hyundai announced “Genesis” as the official name of its luxury sports sedan, and launched the car in Korea. The rear-wheel-drive Hyundai Genesis is attempting a credible alternative to premium offerings from Germany and Japan, with a range of V6 and V8 engines.


At the same time, the company has unveiled the Genesis emblem consisting of the Genesis logotype set in a black hexagonal shield framed by a pair of wings. However, the Genesis emblem will only be applied to the Korean and Chinese markets, and other markets will probably get the ugly “H” symbol.


The top engine is the all-new 375 hp 4.6-litre “Tau” V8 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. Hyundai’s existing 3.3-litre and 3.8-litre V6 engines from the Azera will also be offered. It will take a few more months for it to spread to the GCC. The same platform will form the basis for the new Hyundai Coupe replacement.


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  1. The Emblem (logo) looks like Bentley’s wings… May be Top Gun.
    So Now they they have 2 RWD vehicles. Also 6-speed A/T. Gud


  2. is th gps on the passengers side?

  3. Author

    That’s a sticker. 😆

  4. finally ,hyundai has achieved a car that can rival german cars.but,how much does it cost? 😎

  5. even if u buy toyota corolla the name will be better than hyundai….. i know it is luxury in this hyundai but believe me there is no safety and the leather will be fake woodtrim will be fake ect…. copy from side..shame on u hyundai use your mind to sketch a car or dont make it

  6. Actually, Hyundai has been very safe for the last few years. Good for them to sell a luxury car at much cheaper than anything comparable…that’s how Lexus got where it is today.

  7. but lexus is called quality, and this is some cheap shit that after 2-3 yrs having it, u will be able to take maybe 40,000-50,000

  8. The Genesis just received a full 5-star crash rating all around.

    Hyundai also has the best warranty in the business and they still manage to profit because they build their cars to a higher standard now than they did in the 80’s.

  9. The Genesis is very good car.

  10. Daer Sir
    Please send to me the price santafe GLS&SE&limited for baying in iran import

  11. hi
    plesae send the price of new mercedes benz e class new shape for export .i want to take that to iran

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