Video of the week: United Kingdom

Stunt-driver Terry Grant did a reverse-180, also known as a J-turn, between two barriers with a Renault Twingo supermini. In doing so, he set a new world record, considering he slipped the 370cm-long car through a gap that is 378cm wide. For a better view, check out the video playing on the big screen behind the track.

What do you think?



  1. i saw this in the guinness book of records. but i remember it was something like 30cm? you said 378cm :S even i can do 378m 😛

  2. ohhhhhhh nvm i misunderstood. i demand you delete these two comments 😛

  3. Author

    Hehe, but you are half-right. A stunt dude called Russ Swift held the record before with some Ford station wagon, and Guiness World filmed it.

  4. yes that’s the one i’m talking about 😉 i saw a video of it on youtube as well. if only the whole world knew how to drive like that

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