2009 Toyota Venza crossover in Detroit

2009 Toyota Venza crossover in Detroit


The 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit played host to the unveiling of the all-new 2009 Toyota Venza crossover. Toyota calls it a “crossover sedan” that will compete with the Murano and the Edge, but we are not sure Toyota needs yet another fake 4WD in its range alongside the RAV-4. We assume this “lifestyle” vehicle might come here too eventually.


Powered by either a 268 hp 3.5-litre V6 or a 188 hp 2.7-litre inline-4, the American-designed and built Venza will be sold as a single trim level vehicle. The primary differences are that the 3.5 gets dual exhausts and 20-inch wheels, while the 2.7 has a single outlet and 19-inchers. Both engines are connected to a six-speed automatic with sequential shift.


Inside, the five-seater Venza has an upscale-looking cockpit with contrast-piped leather seats and a panoramic glass roof. Additional optional equipment will include a navigation system equipped with a JBL audio system, integrated satellite radio capability, a premium JBL audio system with AM/FM six-disc CD changer, satellite radio capability and Bluetooth, rear seat entertainment system, a Smart Key System, back-up camera and a power rear door.


A poor man’s Lexus RX350, if you will.

What do you think?



  1. I think it has a considerably longer wheel base than the Edge or the Murano.
    And I believe the Middle East market does need a new soft-road crossover. You see the RAV4 is too small. The Land Cruiser and the Prado both have off-road equipment that many people don’t want to pay for.
    I was hoping they bring the Highlander here. What a sweet car.

  2. looks like edge in front

  3. WATS WITH THE TOYOTA STYLING DEPARTMENT ? they make such goofy looking tail lamps. yuck.

  4. i hate all crossovers.

  5. looks like a mixture of infinty and edge

  6. looks quite gud , in fact much better than RAV4.

  7. i dont know,,,,
    there is something strange with the rear bumber and the tail lights.
    in my opinion
    toyota (please fire the designer of your cars) am sure he is blind
    from the front it looks like an edge (a littile bit 😐 )

  8. hi

    Any idea whether Honda has the intention to launch its luxury brand ACURA more particularly the Acura MDX in the middle east

    Seems to be a very nice vehicle

    It will give a rrun for the money to all the lexus, infinity here

  9. Anyone know that the 2008 Acura MDX will introduce to UAE?

  10. Author

    No Acura in GCC.

  11. plese heep i went buy toyota venza to libya

  12. when i saw the pictures of the toyota venza i loved,i just want to know wether is it available at uae

  13. it would be nice if they gonna bring here in ksa…any idea if that gonna happen?

  14. i need the address of your show room where i can get toyota venza 2009 or 2010 model in dubai united arab emirate

  15. look at the gear beside the AC control knob, stupid design………..

  16. looks like volvo 4m behind and camry & ford edge 4m ahead but interior is better 4m previous toyotas

  17. I think this is to compete with Nissan Murano. I like TOYOTA more than Nissan. I wish we have than in Saudi Arabia so I can buy it right way!!!

  18. I feel its a good replacement against Lexus RX350 like avalon against GS/ES range. And I hope its gonna launch in this year in UAE, it will break recession of Toyota cause its a luxury on its own with affordable price.
    A tough time for Ford/Murano/Mazda/Subaru.
    Have a nice ride.

  19. Its a nice luxury against RX350 and good comeback against ford/mazda/murano/subaru.

    Lets wait and see the when will be the launching date for this car in UAE.
    Hopefully it will be launched soon cuase I remember the FJ was launched after 3 years of launch in US Markete.

  20. how much is tayota venza in uk

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