Japanese Yellow Hat superstore in Dubai

Japanese Yellow Hat superstore in Dubai


Usually I don’t freely advertise local aftermarket outfits, but the PR folks for Yellow Hat were kind enough to invite me to their opening ceremony, so I figured I’d give them my time. Yellow Hat is a Japanese superstore for aftermarket car accessories, and they have opened a branch store here in Dubai, at the Times Square Mall on Sheikh Zayed road.

As far as we know, they offer the usual electronics and minor body add-ons, with an installation service, while parts for major engine mods can be ordered through them. I expect them to offer a professional service, unlike all the other crappy outfits out there, so give them a look when the floods in Dubai die down.

What do you think?



  1. “floods in Dubai die down”
    you meant sharjah :mrgreen:

  2. Looks like u are really not interested to give this writeup…hope they were cordial enough after their invitation 😆


  3. Author

    I didn’t go in the end, hehe. Heaviest rains ever that day. Cars were reportedly drowning around that area.

  4. hey from where did you get the 2.5 ltr turbo which you fitted in your supra??

  5. Author

    These old engines come from Japan, and ghetto Ajman scrapyards in UAE are filled with them. The Supra I bought at the time already came with the ghetto engine swap.

  6. hey mash where would you suggest to look around for good alloys? I need to change the ones i got on my 350Z. I bought it from a guy who decided to paint em black…but need to get em changed

  7. Author

    I guess you want original brand-name alloys, in which case Yellow Hat is a good place to start. There are also many places in A Quoz who sell original rims, but I can’t remember names, though you can see them advertising in Automart and AutoTrader magazines. For “fake”, there is always Sharjah.

  8. Guys you have to check this place Yellow hat out, its really good, i think one of the best i have seen in dubai, classy interiors, amazing range of products right from car audio, rims tyres, excellent range of cleaning products , corrections pens …i can go on and on.. for those who love their car its a must to visit this palce …

  9. I was very disappointed with the Yellow Hat outlet, unless they fill their shelves with new stuff in the immediate future. Most of what they have on display is available at auto accessories stores in Dubai and Sharjah – at a lower price! I was expecting some wares that’s hard to get in Dubai and which I usually order online. Will drop into their store in the couple of weeks to see if there is something new.

  10. I went to Yellow Hat and though it was great. Loads of stuff all in one place and for once staff who are actually and friendly and helpful.

  11. googling for rims Dubai // search drive Arabia for rims installation // land into yellow hat // for info got Rockford Woofer with built in AMP installed from them // 1800 AED // good job

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