VW sells Chrysler minivan as their own

VW sells Chrysler minivan as their own


Volkswagen is so desperate to make a buck in the United States that they simply facelifted the latest Chrysler Grand Voyager, upgraded the interior a bit, and renamed it the VW Routan. It is their attempt to cheaply add a conventional minivan to their range, cashing in on the blind faith that some people have on the VW badge.


The Routan is powered by Chrysler’s 197 hp 3.8-litre V6, or an optional 251 hp 4.0-litre V6. Standard features include stability control, 6-speed automatic transmission, rear seat entertainment system with two 9-inch screens for second and third row, dual power sliding doors with power windows, touchscreen navigation with hard drive, power liftgate and thirteen cupholders. While these are all available in the Chrysler version, the cheap cabin trim has been upgraded with more premium materials. VW also claims this Canadian-built minivan to have “European-tuned” suspension.


Debuting during the ongoing 2008 Chicago Auto Show, it is yet unknown if the Routan will be sold elsewhere. However, buyers of this Chrysler product should expect the same level of reliability that they have come to expect from VW’s own products. Which isn’t saying much.

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  1. these will be famous only in uk as a transporter no body will buy in dubai

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