Cops fine cops for tint, RTA fines taxis

Cops fine cops for tint, RTA fines taxis


Gulf News reported that Dubai police fined as many as 50 of their own employees for having dark tint on their personal cars that is above the legal tint level. By law, the tint should have 30% “darkness” at most, but cops themselves were freely flouting the law, so this is a good decision by higher police officials, emphasising that they should act as role models.

7DAYS newspaper has also reported that the Road & Transport Authority will start suspending taxi drivers following tons of complaints about their drivers not stopping for passengers. It is an unwritten fact about Dubai that most taxi drivers will only stop for white people, and sometimes will stop for other nationalities depending where they want to go. The suspended drivers will undergo 10 days of training without being allowed on the roads, and they might also be fined for repeating offences. All complaints should be reported at 04-8009090, although I believe you will have better results calling 04-2080888.


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  1. gr8 movee, on the taxi drivers; ie. those who are big time racists…but hope tat the RTA does not accidentally fine some of those really good guyz amongst the taxi drivers!!

  2. I wont call them racists…coz the taxi drivers themselves are coloured.. can you be racist against your own people ??
    Greedy drivers sounds better..

  3. any idea if the tint law will go into full force or it shall stay like before i.e. shall they become strict for over 30% tint

  4. they won’t be able to control Taxi drivers, coz if they didn’t stop they can say that they had a passenger at time or a passenger had called them to order a Taxi.. it seems useless… I think taxi deriver who doesn’t want to stop to passengers they should leave this job and better if they leave the city

  5. Its all matter of earning money in shortest time… I live in AU whenver i hav to travel across SHk Zayed road there are plenty of taxis & they are happy to take you any where across Shk Zayed road.. I had the exp within Deira where even hotel taxis which charge double the normal taxis are reluctant to go to Bur Dubai beacuse of traffic…So even if YOU were the taxi drivers YOU would do the same what THEY do now..So better live with it

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