Z06-engined Chevy Lumina in Australia

Z06-engined Chevy Lumina in Australia


Holden, the Australian division of General Motors that gave us the Chevy Lumina SS and CSV CR8, have cooked up a new car based on the same underpinnings. To be shown at the Melbourne Auto Show today, the tentatively-named HSV Commodore W427 is a new super-expensive offering with the 505 hp Corvette Z06 engine.

The car can apparently do 0-100 kph in 4.7 seconds, with a top speed limited to 250 kph. The car will undergo further testing in icy Sweden to calibrate its stability control system. The Australian price is said to be twice that of last expensive Commodore model, which means if it comes here, it will cost around Dhs 350,000.


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  1. Wow looks real neat! The Aussies are making American cars look good…GM shud b thanking the Aussies a lot! I mean imagine wat they hav achieved!

  2. it is a nice car but too pricy a LUMINA 350,000.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. its not a chevrolet , its CSV or HSV , its similar to AMG and M series so they charge you a lot more for exclusivity and this is heaps better than any beemer or amg can muster up . I mean you can go to the factory and see your car being made while you have a chat with the production officer etc . SOme HSV here even lets you see your car being assembled by hand live over the internet . of course thats not possible in uae since the internet tech is still in the 90’s there but thats a different story .

    The normal HSV clubsport (CSV cr8) is supposed to be upthere with M5 and AMG63 and those snobby sorts but this one will destroy it . I wonder if Gm will let mash drive it though.

  4. It looks wicked cool!

  5. cool design at least it has a shape of a car not “an egg” their are types of models i totaly hate and i personally hate to see on streets infinityqx56, and other ugly eggs to but for now cool design great work. 😛 😆

  6. There is no way a souped-up American muscle Lumina mobile can beat an M5 or 63 AMG Merc. Did you know there is a reason, wait, no many reasons why the Beemers and Merc cost that much. I had a Lumina once and it was a piece of crap. So it was fast, but the build quality was garbage, gas mileage was pathetic, it required constant maintenance and its resale value is equally crap. I totally understand the price gap, certainly if you cant afford one of the German gods you can settle for one of these….but if one can then he should run to the nearest BMW/Merc showroom

  7. this one cost $150,000 man , right up there with an m5 and besides it actually beating it with 2 cylinders less

  8. Its a nice car i like it

  9. Sorry to burst peoples bubbles, but this car is not chevy or pontiac and shares nothing but the motor… This is the original, it is a HSV (Holden Special Vehicle), Designed in Australia, built in Australia, exported from Australia. Chevrolet Lumina and Pontiac G8 are exact copies of this Holden/HSV. It may be hard for people to live with the fact that they are driving an Australian car, but maybe they should research it first.

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