So we got a Honda Accord Coupe

So we got a Honda Accord Coupe


So Diego, my PR guy, picked up this 2008 Honda Accord Coupe. Currently, the only American-built 2008 Coupes running around Dubai are these test cars, as the actual car goes on sale in March. He brought the car over to me, complaining about how painfully slow it is compared to the Altima V6.

I didn’t pay too much attention until I drove it, and instantly realised that this is the 2.4 four-cylinder model, and not the V6 that he thought it was. Without any “2.4” badges, the only way to tell the difference is the single exhaust tip in the rear. However, even with the power deficit, it was easy to see why this car was considered a better driver’s car than the Altima, even though the Altima beats it in value.

While the review comes later, I got a chance to drive both the 2.4 and the 3.5 at the Autodrome track at absolutely full throttle, back in January 28, but I wasn’t allowed to write about it until March 1. Well, March is here.

What do you think?



  1. outstanding … waiting for your review. especially the v6 version

  2. haha.. okie it was 2.4….but altima then definetly beats this machine on value.This honda was really strugling in its pick ups… sheesh

  3. March 1 is tomorrow. Sorry mash but u’re fired. 😆

  4. heyy…is the review of the new 08 g37 coupe coming along anytime soon???

  5. looooooooooooool, CB
    lets see whats comin in the future 😉

  6. can’t wait till you get the V6 😀

  7. awaiting. and please test accord sedan

  8. waiting for the review of the accords 🙂 …

  9. check out the review done by edmunds accord coupe v altima

    as usual honda is the superior machine

  10. 🙄 🙄 🙄
    i think you didnt read the last comments in the altima forum
    Check it out 😎

  11. i think you didnt read the last comments in the altima forum
    Check it out ***

    RE: why would i want look at a car that always comming third best… i.e. after mazda 6 🙁

  12. loooooool, dont worry, its not a comment about the altima, its a comment about the video you attached.. 😆

  13. yes yes i know how much u need those nissan sales commissions.. mu hh hhahh

  14. really, you are so stupid, looooooooooool
    btw: am a mechnical engineering student in AUS you stupid A**
    if i need commissions, i wont come here to ask you stupid 😆 😆

  15. yes you are right pradotlc, thatsit(Mohamad) takes a commission from nissan dealer, thats why he changed his username.

  16. what do you mean (i changed my name) 😕 😕

  17. What’s the full form of AUS??

  18. American University Of Sharjah

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