Chevy Lumina coupe shown in Australia

Chevy Lumina coupe shown in Australia


Holden, the Australian arm of General Motors, showed off this “Coupe 60” concept version of its Commodore at the 2008 Melbourne Auto Show. As we all know, the Commodore sedan is sold in the Middle East as the Lumina. If this two-door car goes into production, it’ll be a direct replacement for the now-cancelled Lumina Coupe.


While the previous coupe was nothing more than a two-door version of the big four-door sedan designed by Holden engineers in their spare time, this new one actually rests on an obviously shortened platform, with a unique roofline and rear panels.


The cool interior shown here is just a modification of the existing four-door cabin, and we don’t expect it to make it to production.


What do you think?



  1. finally, they bring the coupe back 😀

  2. looks like an angel 😀 , with a devil power 😈

  3. Yum Yum…its got frameless windows, digi speedo, F1 type steering wheel, aluminium pedals, rally seats (recaro maybe) and SIDE EXHAUSTS (to blow anyone trying to street race with ya)

    And with the 6.0 V8 it will surely blow ur gf’s panties away if you plonk on the accelerator…mama mia!!!!! This is one mean machine….

  4. after i sale my old coupe … it will be my next ride

  5. This is a concept version >>> what about the actual ???

  6. I hear the release version will not have exhausts out the side (It is illegal in Australia). This will probably also see release in america as pontiac before relase in austtralia (its home) as a holden

  7. i can’t leave without comment.. this car will get a high sales.. i will be one of the first buyers

  8. All i can say is OH MY GOD, thats one of the best ive ever seen, its defenetly my next ride, ill never miss on that. 😆

  9. Awesome !!!!!!!!!!

  10. I LOVE the interior.. and I LOVE everything about it… 😛

  11. I own the 4-door lumina S, and this coupe is definetly my next ride.. Hope it is net really expensive…

  12. hi i have cR8 i like this car but cR8 is batter

  13. What a marvel monster to conquer the road.
    Hope we have access to it here in South Africa,interested to own one.

  14. OMG I’m gna b the 1st to drive this chevy here in Bahrain

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