So we got a Bentley Continental GT

So we got a Bentley Continental GT


That’s right. While parent company VW/Audi thinks we are a second-degree publication, their luxury arm Bentley thankfully works independently of them. So while we are not worthy of the holy VW Beetle, we are still good for a lowly Continental GT. And not just any GT. It’s the Continental GT Speed.

We already posted the press release on this car in the First Look section, thinking we’ll never see it in person. But as coincidences go, the PR folks who gave us the Honda Accord Coupe also deal with Bentley too.

So while we are off to waste bucketloads of petrol as we drive away in search of some mountain roads in a million-dirham car, I’m sad to say that the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima reviews will have to be on hold for one more day.

What do you think?



  1. Mash is moving up a class 😀 this is the fastest car you’ve tested, right?

  2. Author

    The fastest car I’ve tested remains the Corvette Z06. I just tested this, and it is a solid second.

  3. ah yeah 😀 too bad you didnt test that without T/C 😛

  4. BTW: the altima is better than this car 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  5. common mash, this is to prove that your level has increased between the other publication webs and magazines….goodluck man 😎

  6. I envy U alrady

  7. Hey tell me the numbers of the PR people I so want to drive this car. And congratulations on moving up the levels, even though you are already Number 1.

  8. U r a lucky man!!!!!!!!!

  9. hey mash when does the aurion review come?

  10. It’s nice to hear that the VW/Audi dealer in the Emirates is just as bad as Bahrain’s.

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