So VW doesn't want to give us cars

So VW doesn’t want to give us cars


When we last asked for a VW for a test drive, the PR guy mumbled something about the magazines getting priority. It pissed me off enough to ignore them for the next few months. We figured we’d ask them again anyway, and this time they replied with their misguided policies in writing:

While we appreciate your continued interest in test driving Volkswagen vehicles, our test driving policy stipulates that priority is granted to publications in the first degree due to the demand and availability of
the vehicles for such activities. We hope that you can understand our reservations and look forward to continuing on updating you with information from Volkswagen.

Well, that’s the end of that. I guess having more users per month than any of the local magazines is not enough if certain people still don’t know how to use the internet.

Funnily enough, our online counterparts at AutoMiddleEast gets to go to overseas VW trips, even though they have a fraction of our visitor count. Good for them. We are not going to ask for VW/Audi test drives ever again.

Of course, I could still rent one myself and write about it. Oh, the fun I will have writing that review!

What do you think?



  1. Mash. if i were you, i will publish my own monthly magazines, because as you sayed before, not evreyone has the internet. and also to get large profit :mrgreen: .

  2. Author

    Looked into it two years ago. It’d require selling my soul to get around the government regulations. I have an electrical engineering degree, so I am not even allowed to become the editorial boss of any magazine since I didn’t spend four years in college to study journalism.

  3. ah dont u wish u didnt graduate 😈

  4. Your site is far better than any magazine. and your reviews are also far better keep it up and kindly test honda accord 4cyl. and 6 cyl. Dont worry about VW leave them

  5. Author

    According to Honda, all their Accords are busy for this month on limo duty. We’ll get them next month. Until then, this is the best I can give you:

  6. Dear Mashfique
    These things do happen once in a while, PR might think this is the best way to paint a larger than actual picture..I had worked as an automobile market researcher for the past year and more and have read almost every concievable journal and web content regarding automobiles from aroud the world. I have been personaly in charge of editing and managing the contents of our company website and I can sincerely say that your test drives are some of the best I have exaggeration…no cliche and totally no nonsense… I love it… I am very passionate about cars and recently moved to Dubai.. I am an Indian. think its quite long now…anyway you seem to have your head and heart on the same way put in your hear…keep up the good work and we’ll watch the PR craps come after you after they start using the internet..good luck

  7. maybe because autocar , wheels , auto etc are international magazines and have worldwide editions and obviously the foreign editions are heaps better than the local ones especially wheels. Just curious , how does the insurance thing work out for example if something goes wrong while your testing the car.

  8. its very good from the government to have this rule, but it does’nt mean to give up.

    and what about you cb. do you have that degree or just you have a degree in car washing 😀 ,

  9. nope i use the degree to wipe my car everyday. 😆

  10. Author

    Tamzed, most of the cars have full insurance, except for GM who only have 3rd-party to discourage car abuse. Although I’d like to see if they’ll make me pay if I wreck an Escalade. It’d be bad PR.

  11. even thought they need a looooooooooooooot of marketing to sell there cars!!! the word of mouth is very bad about VW over here!!! i just mentioned GTI and every body was like: ” are you planing to take loans to pay for the service ?” 😯 … for me German cars are the best ( if we can afford them ), you even get a bit arogant driving them 😉

  12. hey mash..wot bout the new Mondeo?? ny chance of u gettin one for a test drive?? really eager to see the new mondy’s review!

  13. VW is obviously scared of any poor reports. The Pussat was crap, had too many quality issues. VW golf becomes a rip off once warranty is over. most magzines here are simply suck up type reports

  14. Hi Mash,
    You’re doing a pretty good job mate! Your reviews are objective, to the point and unbiased…keep up the good work. Any chance of getting a review of the Mazda CX-9. The north american reviewers seem to be raving about it, especially after the MotorTrend SUV of the year award….do let us know what the Middle East version is like.


  15. Mash, the pic u gave describes volkswagon perfectly. 😉

  16. Author

    carnut, interestingly enough Mazda almost never give out cars either! But they’re like that to all publications, so I don’t beat on them too much.

    Saad, a tiny part of that pic is photoshopped, hehe. But I won’t say which part!

  17. that was actually mash’s car in the USA. all he did wid photoshop was cut his head out from inside the car 😆

  18. ohh, i know which part it is alright.Everyone, just see if you can read ‘I am Gay’ on this car.Mash, you are good, that also describes VW perfectly.

  19. exactly y it is mash’s car 😆

  20. I think in the UAE bad PR and marketing go hand in hand…Id say the case with Mazda, Peugeot…I mean who ever knew the CX9 was out in the UAE until you saw one stuck next to you in traffic…with a driver looking at u…as if he was driving a Continental GT or something…that to me is bad marketing! and also bad selection of products…i mean in the US they have the V6 version of the Mazda 6 but over here we have to do with the slow 2.0 and 2.3 versions which are like probably the best if your only driving to get stuck in traffic…but then again who doesnt like a bit of more power?

  21. Hey Mash just wondering…the Peugeot 308 should have hit Dubai by now…but havent heard anything about it…and then there’s the very sexy 308RC which I think is still in the concept form…but it looks like something us young guns in Dubai would be revving for…

  22. what is the meaning of (PR)

  23. Author

    The “Public Relations” people, whose job is to portray a good image of their company.

  24. Yeah but VW calls them BPR which stands for ‘Bad Public Relations’.

  25. Have a signature campaign. The reach of your website extends to the whole of the GCC. I have been following it and use it as a bible for all my vehicle purchases right from Bahrain to where i am settled now, Qatar.

  26. 🙂 men men men im really facinated by ur recommendationon any thing with four legs except for table. simply the best 1000 megazine in one site.

  27. Gentlemen:
    I felt elated when reading all your comments. I have been a car-buff mag publisher in mexico (Motor y Volante, Luxury & Sport AUTO) since 1982, and just recently I launched MOTOR Y VOLANTE DIGITAL , an e-mag version. It’s gone well with readers, but car compañies are not at ease! Perhaps it is because we treat cars similarly as you do, impartial and truthfully. Even making jokes about them. Or, of course, they don´t what to do with the web. Slowly, they are starting to believe in this new medium.

    I didn’t realize there was such a good bunch of enthusiasts in the “other” gulf (Mexico´s is the other large one). But of course, it was just a matter of language. I even remember travelling with a colleague, countryman of yours -during car testing worldwide- who edited one of(or the one)of the local Saudi Arabia car magazines. Quite impressive it was, although I couldn’t read it, just like you won’t be able to read mine.
    Anyway, I do get cars for testing directly from VW and Mazda in Mexico. Any time you want a special test, I’ll gladly do it for you.
    No cost, of course! A present from a Mexican friend.

    Gabriel Novaro
    Cuernavaca, Mexico

  28. Author

    Thanks a lot. Look us up when in this part of the world.

  29. its too late to comment but this is bad. VW screw you! it’s a big lost for you ignoring drive arabia. why don’t you try googling a car brand in GCC and drive arabia site is very visible. honestly, drive arabia site helped me compare and choose the car that I bought. more power to Drive Arabia Team 🙂

  30. mash vw now owns porshe u better get a fresh start with them or ur going to lose not only vw i am willing to give my passat for a test drive only if ur coming to egypt

  31. No offense intended but seeing magazines on a rack is not like opening a free online site IMHO.. I guess not having your work printed on paper is the case…
    Would be nice to consider publishing a magazine & seems the competition is HOT cuz there is plenty of magazines there…

    I think you guys can make something that other magazines dont make… Reviews can go beyond you what you see, hear and feel in a car…

    Good luck…


  32. well, just put it this way. I am now owning my 3rd car (the first one sold, 2nd total loss from an accident!) and guess what?! For each of these cars I would always come to your site for a pit stop of reading your reviews man! so hold it up who cares…you are doing great! keep up the work.

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