So I drove a 2008 Accord to Fujeirah

So I drove a 2008 Accord to Fujeirah


I was invited to share and pilot a 2008 Honda Accord with another journo on a press drive from Dubai to Fujeirah and back. Considering we didn’t have enough time with the cars other than straightforward driving, I’ll save a full review for when I get one in front of my building. What I can talk about are my first impressions of the 2008 Honda Accord, in both 2.4 and 3.5 trims.


Only a handful of local journalists showed up for the drive, and on the Dubai-Fujeirah trip, I shared a graphite 3.5 EX with an editor from Wheels. On the way back, we hopped into a mid-range 2.4 version.


The exterior is conservative, but little unique styling touches can be seen in person that disappear in photos, such as protruding head-lights and chunky tail-lights. The overall profile mimics a BMW 5-Series, which is not a bad thing considering how dull the front chrome-grille treatment is. The twin exhaust tips and optional rear lip spoiler on our 3.5 adds a dash of sportiness.

The interior is very stylish, even if a little oddball around the centre stack. The buttons are big and a big LCD displays settings for the a/c, stereo and other stuff we didn’t get into. Most of the cabin surfaces are soft to the touch, except for the furthest reaches of the dashboard and the lowest parts of the legroom. Speaking of legroom, there is tons of space inside, including headroom and elbowroom. A Honda engineer told me it is as big as the large-class Toyota Avalon inside. And the perfect beige leather in our 3.5 just adds to the upscale feel. The grey cloth seats in our 2.4 is more pedestrian, but the doors still have leather inserts. The automatic a/c and CD/MP3 stereo do their jobs well enough.


The 3.5-litre V6 boasts 271 hp, but the 339 Nm of torque peaks at a very high 5,000 rpm. This is immediately noticeable, since I was expecting earth-shattering acceleration, but was instead met with a soft take-off that only started getting rapid at higher revs. The 5-speed auto gearbox is smooth, but it has no tiptronic function. A heavy right foot is needed to keep this engine in its sweet spot. An unnoticeable computer system apparently shuts down as many as 3 cylinders to save fuel on the highway.

The 2.4-litre inline-4 fairs even worse, with poor response at low revs. Things pick up at high revs once the 178 hp kicks in alongside the 222 Nm of torque. Peak torque is reached at a high 4,300 rpm, so it feels a lot like the Camry even though horsepower is higher in the Accord. Passing requires a pedal-to-the-floor approach, but cruising is easily handled once up to speed. The 5-speed auto gearbox is again smooth, with no tiptronic functionality. A 5-speed manual is available in the lowest trim level.


Handling is definitely a step above the Camry, with good body control and admirable grip. I only pushed the 3.5 as much as public roads would allow, but the grip limit is much higher than the Camry. Body roll is unnoticeable on long curving roads, but I easily managed to make the car jiggle by zig-zagging the steering wheel, revealing the suspension’s soft side. This of course allows the Accord to be as comfortable as the Camry, with similar levels of limited wind noise, but a bit more road noise. Both our test cars had 225/50 tyres on 17-inchers. The ABS-assisted disc brakes have excellent pedal feel and offer strong stopping power in normal situations.

With safety features that include standard ABS, whiplash protection, front airbags and a stiffer body, it should appeal to families and chickens, although stability control and side-curtain airbags are reserved for the V6 only.


I wasn’t impressed by the 2008 Accord when I first saw it in photos, but after driving it, I am sure it will probably make buyers out of most people who walk into showrooms to look at one up close. I did not measure fuel economy since I could not find the trip computer, but the fuel-gauge needle hardly budged on either car. And that’s what counts in this segment.

The coupe is coming next year, with the 2.4 version coming in Spring and the 3.5 in the summer. The coupe’s manual version will not be offered officially, although you could probably force the dealer to ship one for you from USA.

What do you think?



  1. Hi All,

    Happy to read your review. I guess you are not very happy with the 08 Accord. I personally feel the front grill is soooo not attractive.. Mash can I ask you if this car has the push button start as option or starndard feature?

  2. i hope that assassin will see how you(mash) comment on a car. and make some comparison and judgment. this is engineering point of view on the honda accord(and you noticed that he mentioned both trims) not the 3 or the 5 or even the 10 doors only trim. :mrgreen: although i love the honda very much and you can see that each car has its own pos. and neg. points.

  3. and mash. please can you post some pics from inside??

  4. hope the radars didnt catch you when you drove in Fujairah :mrgreen:

  5. Author

    There is no start-button option on the Accord. I didn’t take pics from the inside because the natural lighting is always wrong. You could see interior pics in the previously-posted Accord stories though. There is nothing wrong with the car as it is intended, so I can’t say I didn’t like it. Oh, and pricing starts at Dhs 76,000 and goes up to around Dhs 110,000.

  6. i think it takes longer time to reach its peek torque because of the cylinders thing(the # of working cylinders). but for sure in the future models they will be able to improve it. and the thing that really shocked me is that it doesnt has a tiptronic.
    but really now, tell me how do you rank the camry altima and the accord in general (after considering each point). am waiting for the answer πŸ˜‰

  7. Author

    I’d never buy any of the three (hehe, not my style), but I’d go with the Altima simply because it looks good to me. I think the Accord is the more spacious car though, with the most advanced technology (excluding the gearbox and the starter button). The Camry comes in last, offering only peace of mind and resale value more than anything else.

  8. really. you are the best. the same ideas and the same ranking.
    i know you dont like anyone of them. man, you have a supra πŸ™‚ , whats next πŸ˜‰

  9. I agree about the style with Mash…. the good looks of Altima.
    But I feel hard to say its value for money. 😐

  10. did the v6 reach yet???????????????????????

  11. V6 Not on sale yet (Expect by Jan). But camps like Mash have them for spin and test drive.

  12. Guys, if you start comparing cars in Accords class, please don’t forget about Toyota Aurion. I think it is extremly good offer for the moment. And don’t tell me that Aurion is almost same Camry. My brother got one and they are totally different.

  13. what are the differences? the exterior from sides is camry and from the front and back its changed(and xenon lights). from inside it has the same console and material EXCEPT the start buttton ignation the nav(as i think), the # of speakers(sound system) and they changed the engine 3.5 litters v6 engine (it has the same specs of all other toyota cars: it lives till you die (reliabiltiy), its after sale value, and its toyota :mrgreen: ). i read in one of the magazines that the aurion is a camry v6 in the USA but they changed the shape here because the orders for the old v6 camry get down(who is going to pay more for a v6 camry thats used as a taxi(the same shape as the I4 engine)). and they changed the name. but it is still in the same class of altima and accord. it is a good sexy car although 😐

  14. πŸ˜‰ ohh my God Rent a car people have done big fraud with me they have given me honda accord 2007 and they were saying it is 2008 on the day of Eid i was telling everyone that this honda is 2008. But the 2008 honda is very much difference from that one i got on Eid. Thanks Mashifque for showing the new honda accord.

  15. My first impressions are that the 2008 Accord hasnt really improved much on the 2007 except in size.

    On the other hand, 2008 Altima improves on many more areas than the 2007 Altima.

  16. to Mash, how do you calcolate the fuel econemy if there is no coputer trip? there are 3 types of fuel here RON 98, RON 95 and RON 91, as i know 98 stays less than 95. Also, there are us gallon and english gallon, which one is in our petrol station?

  17. Author

    To calculate fuel economy without a trip computer, I have to see the distance travelled with a full tank of fuel (or estimate the amount used using the fuel gauge), and then find out the size of the fuel tank to figure out how much was burned. “Imperial” (non-US) gallons are used here, which makes things more complicated when figuring out company-quoted fuel economy numbers.


  19. thanks to you.

    some thing else, there are two different 3.8 engines of Mitsubishi Galant
    (230 hp and 258 hp for rally art). do you think the 258 hp will arrive here?

  20. Mash u dnt no shit about cars the 3.5 accord is amazing ur just an idiot u think its nt fast i bet u anything its faster than tht shit altima and what the f*** is wrong wit u an altima sucks its slow it is unsafe and it isnt reliable where as the accord is faster safer and more realiable keep to ur shit supra the f*** cheapest car in the world breaks down every day doesnt it

    (Edited for content due to inappropriate language and display of extreme stupidity – MHC)

  21. sqi u r gay altima is shit one of ma mates bought the 2008 model and died in a car accident just 3 days ago and he was only going 90 wen he lost control of the car and smashed in a walla shti safety

  22. walla shti ?????????????????????????????

  23. maash, it seems that there was a kid who lost his way on the internet.
    and, who forgot that he is writting his email after his nickname. he is really a kid, the conversation should be clean or dont enter this forum.

  24. there are girls in here, so respect your self (moe) and dont say anything bad to our teacher Mash.


    The Accord 08 is overpriced, thats the main problem with it. Apart from that the cars are quite close and one cant say either is “much better” than the other

  26. whats wrong with you kid, you are saying more bad words than any one. it seems that even you are not well educated to respect the others, and if you are going to beat me in driving. i have the 2008 altima and bring your accord to show you which one is better, or let me think again, i’ll bring my younger brother so he will beat you(who doesnt have the license). and dont say bad words to persons you dont know. you are really a noneducated person, and am sure you even dont have the mony to buy a bike not even a car. and please mr mash. you have the control to erase the comments of that kid so please show him what are the benefits of having the email. 😑

  27. Hi Mash…I am planning to buy an Accord 2.4 EX (the mid-range one). In fact, I’ve booked one too. Do you think it is a good buy? Compared to the 2007 Accord, how good is it in terms of acceleration? Asking that since you have mentioned in here about the poor low-rev response of the I4 2.4 Accord!

  28. Oh yea, one more thing. Which would be a better buy, the Altima or the Accord?? What matters to me is, acceleration, top speed, average fuel economy, spaciousness, handling & smoothness.

  29. Author

    Hey Vivek. The thing is ALL Hondas since the first one ever made have poor low-rev response. Not sure why they choose to leave their engine designs similar to bike engines. But their engines catch up with horsepower so you have to rev them higher than Toyota or Nissan engines. So overall acceleration is still similar to the Altima. The Camry-Altima-Accord trio are too similar nowadays for me to compare in the categories you mentioned (except maybe that Camry is behind on handling among the three), so I will leave the decision to you.

  30. hahaha uneducated dude u make me laugh ive graduated from MIT try getting in to it u *** idiot and second of all i dnt have a honda accord 3.5 i hav a CLS 500 yalla u wanna race bring it on u seem 2 now ma e-amil tell me wenneva u wanna race oh and mash bring it on 2

  31. hey guys………….. when i visited the Toyota shoeroom, they told me that honda has many problems like gear, parts e.t.c . Is it true coz they keep on telling me to go for Aurion and not Accord but i love Honda and have decided to ask u experts “Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury”. plz reply……………………………………….

  32. you liar you graduated from MIT and you hane CLS 500. and dont say F*** to me you 5ara. just tell me how you graduated from MIT and you are saying those words(even kids dont say that). but since you are lying. no one is listening to your voice because you are a kid. since you dont have honda accord why you are saying some thing you dont know about it. go and have F*** with your CLS. i swear if i have the v6 altima. am gana show you what is the meaning of my words you kid. and the funny thing is that you are asking mash 2, really now you are the most stupid person in the world. you dont know what is the meaning of supra for sure. you know what makes me mad whn some kids like you have the strength to come and talk about cars in this website, although they are KIDDDSSSSS. and dont keep printing in this gays language(wenneva). πŸ˜†

  33. Author

    honda fan, some American-built Accords did have gearbox issues. And only one person among Accord owners that I know of had any gearbox issue, which is fixed under warranty. Abuse may be involved, who knows, but I am sure they fixed any design problem by now on the new model.

    thatsit(mohamad), no worries, I’ve turned on the bad-language filter now.

  34. really the new accord and the altima changed alot, and thats nice.
    a question, when you are saying build, you mean assembled, or also the parts (engine and chassis). and also the altima, what about it??? πŸ˜• i just once look at the engine, and i saw the caps of the fluids resorvours has japanese words on it (of course next to the english words). and who is building the VQ engines for the nissan cars the japanese or the americans. πŸ˜•

  35. Thank you Mash πŸ™‚

    and hi thatsit(mohamad)..been readin the convos between moe and u..well, i feel like laughing out loud man..seriously..looks like some ppl mistook supra for a corolla or sumthin..hehe[:P]…

    hey moe, dude, I am not gettin into a fight here..I’m no one to interfere either. Why waste time waste timing fighting with people and challenging others here dude?? If you are trying to prove that you are a better driver than anyone here, then fine, we agree that you are the best. But do you think that anyone is listening to you?..I am telling this to you just becoz this is the only place in the whole site whre i found such a crap ongoing fight!!…You may be having a CLS 500 and might be the best driver of all; but that does not matter to anyone here man. Everyone comes here only for information about cars and for expert advices, not to find out whooz the fastest driver of the lot!! If you cannot accept what the expert here says, then why not just ignore and leave?? Or if you really, want to say something out, why not say it out in a nice and friendly manner just like the others?? πŸ™‚ ..There are people in here who also prefer the Accord over the Altima, but check out the language they have used and manners they have kept up while voicing out their opinions..keep it cool and friendly buddy..thatz all what I have to say; or else, you will be proving what thatsit(mohamad) told abt you! peace!!

  36. And Mash, over to you again. Lastly, I wanted to know from you abt the maintenance expenses of the Accord. I’ve heard that Accords are pretty expensive to maintain with the spare parts being costlier than the Toyotas. Is it really so?? If so, then is the difference big enough for me to start thinking of a Camry?? [:P] The thing is that I drive a lot and don’t want soaring maintenance expenses and spare parts cost to cause a deep hole in my pocket! πŸ˜€

  37. as i think and what i know, always the spare parts of toyota is cheaper than honda or nissan, but i dont know how much is the difference,but you can go and check the dealer and ask him about the costs for the service(for honda is every 5000 km as i think). and for nissan you can go to the service center in deira(behind the main showroom)and they have a list for all cars and the prices(since i have a nissan). in my opinion if you are driving too much and you will take it to make the service every time and you dont care about the interior and lux, its better to take the camry(the higher reliability between all of them).and if you care about the sporty design and the acceleration you take the altima. if you care about fuel cons. spacious from inside and the lux go for the accord. its just my opinion. πŸ˜‰

  38. thanks Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury and thatsit(mohamad for u r information looking forward to hearing from you.

  39. so should i go for the accord v6 or aurion v6 or camry 2008?????????????????????????.

  40. will i face any problem if i choose to go 4 the Accord v6?????????????????????????

  41. Honda fan, yeah you will have big problem if you take Accord V6. which every body in the street wants to race with you.

    HA HA HA

  42. man, it depends in you budget, and your taste in cars. thats the only thing you need both are good. and congratulations for the new car. πŸ˜€

  43. ive read ur comment vivek and i appreciate it and im very sry 4 then manner and language tht i hav used throughout my comments im very sorry mash and who ever else i have dissed

  44. you are will come, and waiting for your comments in future news, have a nice evening guys. i have to go and study πŸ˜‰

  45. Nissa Altima Design is much more better that this BMW 5 series clone, I really feel that Accord 2007 had better design than this. I came to see new Honda yesterday on the street in Kuwait, it was so really ugly especially from the back side, I except they will do some design refinement within two years to overcome this.

  46. I ve been driving Accords since 1999, we have 3 at home and I dont think anyone will regret buying an accord unless u have a german car budget.
    I hate the customer service level of the agents workshop.
    I ve owned the 2.3(1999), the 2.4(2003) and currently the 3.0(2007).
    I would recommend the full option 3.5 (2008) which is much better than the aurion as I test drove the aurion still have the Camry suspensio, handling and noise.
    One more thing the accord is fully manufactured in JAPAN, while camry in australia.

  47. man, tell me if there still any cars that are fully manufactured in japan.

  48. just tell me, why do you prefer to buy altima? i dont care about how the car looks like.

    my point of view maxima 3.0 is better than 2.5 altima. because of power and decent classical style of maxima

  49. assassin, he is going to buy an accord, not an altima, he is not talking about altima, he is talking about honda, so, calmdown :mrgreen:

  50. i was talking to you thatsit(mohamad), not him.

  51. Naasher u r exactly right………………………………………..

  52. if you was talking to me. i dont prfer the altima because of the look, and the one who is buying a car because it looks nice is stupid. the car is so good in(my point of view) πŸ™‚ . and in the new model they fix all of the mistakes of the old one. if you was talking about the engine mountain problem, now they fix it and they increase the # of engine mountin to 6 places. so vibration at high speeds = 0%. the suspension is a little bit stiff. but thats the point. the stabality is very very good, and even when turning at high speeds you will not feel any danger of rolling, and you have what you need in a very cheap car that makes it look like expensive(what i meant the interior and the options that you cant find in the other cars). the engine, no one can comment on it (nissan people are expert in designing the engines). what about reliability??!!! why they started to use the altima as a taxi next to camry???????? SO, (in my opinion) 😐 its much better than the camry and better than the accord a little bit πŸ˜‰ OH, and about the old 4 speeds transmission, they strike back with a 6 speed tiptronic that you cant see in accord or camry. and even the 2.5 it has a 6 speeds manual trans. wht more you want. is that enough for a car that cost 69000 DHS. πŸ˜‰

  53. and about the max. you cant compare the altima with it, even the 3.5. the max. is a higher class from the altima (its like the avalon and the camry)can you compare the??? πŸ˜› you are like the saudi people in toyota4arab, loool, even they are comparing the avalon with the infiniti G35, and that not fair. next time they will compare it with BMW 7 series. πŸ˜†

  54. thatsit, I agree that Altima is a nice and good buy in its class, thats why u see a lot of it on the road.

    One very important thing made me buy Accord is that the interior of Altima gives u a (very) budget feeling.

  55. but i think this is in the old one. in the new it looks great car. πŸ™‚

  56. but starting price of 2008 maxima is 70000 dhs.

  57. because the options in the altima is better than what you see in max.

  58. Hi everybody!

    I think that Honda has stolen the design of Accord from toyota Camry or Aurion!!!

  59. Assassin wow! Maxima will be a good competitor then πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait until it comes out here in Qatar.

    About the Accord, it is great in general. But I must say that it is a bit overpriced, and I was disappointed by the ‘low response at low revs’.

    By the way, will there ever be an Altima SE-R in the Gulf? I’ve seen videos of those beasts on youtube. Very impressive.

  60. Bashar Dahdah, the 2008 Maxima is same of 1999 model, the new 3.5 model maybe will arrive in 2009

  61. loool, he thought its the new model.
    the new model for sure is going to be more than 100k DHS.
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  62. Oh ok my bad πŸ˜›

  63. Finaly, i foud the 3-doors prado vx is faster tha fj-cruiser. and i’m sure about it now, because 2 of my friends raced, the result was prado from 0 to 60km/h passed fj a little bit, but after 60 km/h prado started to increase the distance alot. i couldnt believe it till i spoke whith my friend who has fj.

  64. yes, you are right the prado 3doors is faster than the fj in the acc. πŸ˜€

  65. so prado 3doors is also faster than fx35 in the acc.

  66. now, you are wrong so much.
    and you asked the previous Question to show that its faster than the fx 35, you are so clever 😈
    no the prado is slower than the Fx35(just a little bit πŸ˜‰ )

  67. but i will leave you to compare the prado with this sexy monster for now(although you cant compare toyota with infiniti, you should compare toyota with lexus), because the new generation of every infiniti is a piece of art and technology at the same time, wait for the new FX. and as you saw in the new G37. its much better than the IS350 in the sporty driving and acc(i read in one of the websites that the king 335i fall againest infiniti G37 after 10 years of the competition at the end :mrgreen: ). but lexus rules in price and reliability and that become a normal thing for every new car.
    i will try to find the link for the G37 and the BMW 335i πŸ˜‰

  68. ops 😳 (you should compare infiniti with lexus)

  69. Fx35 is a nice crossover, butl still need more power for a car worth 190k.
    I love FX45 so much, do you know why didnt the dealer bring it here?

  70. now even all new models from infiniti comes with nav. standard. except the Fx. he doesnt care any more about it ,because there will be a facelift for it in the future. and i think he didnt bring the 45 because the 35 is enough for the GCC (they(dealers) always bring the worst in trim for every car) 😑 . and since he is selling too much from it and no one care about the FX45. although the 45 is faster than a cayenne S in acc. less than 6.8 Sec. πŸ˜₯

  71. even the engine sound of FX45 is beautiful.

    when you are going to the work and you feel so sleepy in very cold dawn πŸ™ , just turn on the engine of fx45, and you will hear sound makes you feel that you drink 10 cops of coffee 😯

    how i love V8 engines :mrgreen:

  72. loooooooooool :mrgreen: πŸ˜†

  73. i was wondering which is faster the 2.4 accord or the 2.5 altima

  74. the altima for sure :mrgreen:

  75. im nt talking about the new one im talking about the 2005 altima and accord…..cuz some guy has the altima and wants to race me i thought the accord is faster since on drivearabia it says tht the accord 2.4 does 0-100 in 8.9 seconds whereas it says tht tha altima does the 0-100 in 9 seconds so i was wonderin if tht is true cuz i dnt wanna lose a race infront of ma mates

  76. i think also the old one is fast because it has the same HP as the new one 175HP net :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  77. the problem is that the torque of the altima is very high and you can reach it at a lower rpm than the accord 😐

  78. but try to race with him and tell me about the results :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  79. dude i raced him 2 day in da morning i won …. at first he was slighlty a head of me wen the honda reached 4000Rpm i was flying past after 150 i didnt see him i was winning by far

  80. MashALLAH Mashfique, great preview. It’s great to see that people who know their stuff are the one’s burning up the cars :D. Great work!

  81. of course 2005 accord is faster than 2005 altima if we make race right now, because used nissan’s engines loose the power after using alot. on the other hand, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi stay got same power even after going 250000 km.

  82. assassin 😑 stop from being racist to toyota. this makes me hate this F***en company more and more. and to answer what you “assumed”. there is no car that can loose its power after two years unless you burn the car from the ass. we have 2005 model and even it become more aggrissive in driving. what you are saying happens after at least 8 years. and let me tell you some thing, when toyota become able to produce a car that is the same or better than nissan GTR with the same engine size am going to shut my mouth 😈 the other thing is that the company that cont be compared with the honda or nissan or even mitsu. is toyota not as what you said,but because you are racist to this company you are saying that. toyota have never concentrated when they build a car on the power, what matters is lux and reliabilitiy. i am not saying that their cars are not strong, but they are not thinking of beating the others in case of power. and the prove that if you look at the buying guide for the new cars you will see that most of their cars(engines) have the same power and the same torque and size and that is a weak point. look at the engine of prado that you like where it is(at least in 4 cars anly one of them has a different HP). but look at nissan cars. even the size is the same in most of them 3.5, but there is no hp that is the same as the car below it which means they tune their engins to satisfy the class and the trim and the type. and if you are going to say why they are stuck on this engine espically(this VQ engine as you know is winning the best engine from the top 10 engines in the world since 13 years and that thing you cant find it in this shit toyota). when you people talk about the relaibilitiy of nissan cars, its not the engine that cant live long its the body and the material inside the car,unless you are not taking care of your car(each time i drive the car i plan not to drive it in an aggrissive way but i cant because it wants me to do that). and i didnt respond to what lotfi said because i know its not true(and am sorry for that lotfi). and if you remember my previous comments you will know why. OK look at the data that mash are posting on the buying guide.(and for your info he didnt change the acc timings for the new model and am sure its less but look andd compare the old altima with the new accord). for example mash till now didnt change the acc timing for the Xterra from 9 to 7.1 or 7.5 sec at least. please dont talk about the power of nissan cars again (talk negatively about any thing except this thing). nissan has a legend in the power thing. and the GTR proves that (bring for me any car that you can compare it with it with the same cheap price). and whats your problem with the 250000 KM thing. we know that toyota can go till that and i admit it. but power am sorry it sux. and since you are local go to youtube and look at the races betwen the altima v6 and your gods car the aurion or lets say the lumina SS. :mrgreen: and see who wins. salam πŸ˜‰
    now l hate toyota more than ever because of you people toyota lovers.

  83. ” is honda accord 2007 better than 2008 ???”

  84. Author

    Both are crap. Buy a BMW.

  85. yes deny the 2008 accord is better than the previous one.

  86. hii.. Could you pls let me knw if parts for honda accord are pricey ( compared to the similar class in toyota and nissan )

  87. yes, parts of honda cars are more expensive than nissan or toyota 😐

  88. Hello Mash / Everybody,
    I need some assistnace plz, im now considering Hond Accord V6, Altima V6 and Aurion V6. Can anyone advice me which is best out of these 3 vehicles? its a tough choice, but i need some professional advice.

  89. Author

    The three cars are clones of each other. Go with whatever you think looks best, or offers the most equipment for the price.

  90. Hi
    Is the Ac for Honda Accord good? Compare to camry, which is a better buy interms of features and resale value?


  91. I love Altima , but i love the Sound of Accord V6 When the acceleration is pressed:D.. Best of Luck , Choose Accord or Altima, Dont go for Aurion

  92. I love it with my life but no money to buy it

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