Volvo selling luxury cars in India

Volvo selling luxury cars in India


Volvo has created a new entity in India to sell their top-spec cars in the country. Volvo Car India is opening its sales programme with the Volvo S80 luxury sedan and the Volvo XC90 Sports Utility Vehicle. Both models will be offered with three different engine alternatives: the 4.4 litre petrol V8, the 3.2 litre petrol in-line six-cylinder and the 2.4 litre turbocharged diesel in-line five-cylinder, the D5.

The cars will be sold through three dealerships in the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. The dealerships will be opened in autumn 2007.

The cars will be a tough sell in such an emerging market, but it should appeal to upscale Indians who want to move up beyond locally-produced Marutis, Toyotas, Skodas and base-spec Mercedes-Benzes.

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  1. I beg to differ. You seem to be ignorant to the fact that in India we do also have BMW, Audi, Porsche not a mention a host of other companies which do have import facilities for importing exotic cars as well. Also dont forget that cars like the Toyota Camry arrived in India 6 months before they were launched in Dubai. Hope you would do your homework better next time.

  2. Inaccurate comments made. Fouad is right. Although reality is that it will not sell cause volvo does not have a good brandname in India – it so far only sells trucks – FH12. Money is no object for some indians and no car is beyond the reach of anyone in india with money.

    Even the toyota corolla sold for the last 2 years is the american spec which i think looks like the 2008 toyota corolla recently released in the middle east.

  3. Author

    I never said Volvo is the only luxury car sold in India. 🙄

  4. Ya but you sounded real close to saying it 🙂

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