2009 Nissan Murano photos leaked

2009 Nissan Murano photos leaked


I bring you the first leaked photos of the 2009 Nissan Murano, which will most probably debut at the Los Angelese Auto show later this year.


The design is an evolution of the current model. Of course, it is hard to improve on a vehicle that already is a design trendsetter.


Let’s hope they redesigned the ugly dashboard of the current model as well.


What do you think?



  1. nice looking car love that car its awsome 😀

  2. shldnt hav done this to d previous class leading Murano

  3. nice looking car ;i just wish it will have more power than previous one;say like 300 hp

  4. does that mean the2009 fx35 will change also????
    i hope not.

  5. I hope they add a third row seat even if it’s not for adults use.
    Good luck for Nissan new models.

  6. New Murano actually becomes more rugged in looks rather than the current soft look. No, 3rd row seats are not being added. Yes, the FX for 09YM will also change. Have a look in Edmunds.com, they have leakes the photos as well,

  7. Hi,
    When it will be available in Dubai ?

  8. Mush the, the 09 has beautiful dashboard. I checked it at Nissan USA site.


    There’s 08, 5.6 litre Rowdy Pathfinder for US customers also will all sorts of latest electronic stuff like rear view, bluetooth and so on…it is seriously fast as well as petrol thirsty.


  9. Batman wanted to make FJ Crusier stylish. Toyota is busy with Landcrusier Prado, so he went to NISSAN, NISSAN’s regular team is busy with new Patrol but it still had some time since it has launched new models of almost all its vehicle….so they send Batsman FJ Crusier to Nissan Concepts division and they made a stylish BATMOBILE 4×4 with 4 doors and named it as CROSSBOW….if it comes to UAE then it will be fun…already we have lot of concept and retro style looking vehicle here…here is link from arabianautomobiles site…


  10. the 09 Murano also has new dashboard here is the link..

  11. Mush the Murano has a new dashboard also…i saw in Nissan USA site…


    They have also added a 5.6 liter engine to rowdy Pathfinder…which is seriously fast and petrol thirsty.

    VK56DE — 5.6-liter DOHC 32-valve V8 engine1
    Horsepower — 310 hp @ 5,200 rpm
    Torque — 388 lb-ft @ 3,400 rpm
    Emissions — LEV


  12. Hi SAR, Well no 4WD will give u a good mileage. The Americans go on long drives and do lot of weekend hauling. That’s the reason the Pathfinder got 5.6 liter from Armada, even the VQ 4.0 available in Middle East is fastest in its class…the reason being Pathy’s 4.0 is modified 350z engine…that’s why when you throttle the Pathy you get a sports car sound instead of diesel engine like sound that all 4wds make after few years of use…Also interesting to note is that in US Infinity version of Armada is more popular and it has also got lot of awards….Don’t expect car like ride or fuel efficiency from pathy…even if you see a fully loaded and leather trim version…it’s a hardcore 4wd and the 5.6 engine only adds to more rawness not comfort….even the likes Murano’s, RAV4s and CRV’s are not fuel efficient, we have plenty of them in our offices and all the guys say 65 dhs fill up of fuel tank hardly last’s a week in Dubai, so in a Prado or Pathy or Pajero you will have to spend 10-15 dhs more per fill…so if you fill the tank once in a week you just spend 40 – 60 dhs extra in a month … for a bigger 7 seater 4×4…the only thing that will hurt is the maintenance charges….If you want to race don’t race with boxy 4×4’s …..you will surely kill yourself and others on road….as Mr.Mash says…like of BMW’s , Porshe’s SUV’s (good handling) are good for street racing …take your pathfinders and prados to desert or long drives…that’s what they are built for not for luxury and racing.

  13. Does anyone have any idea when this will be launched in the Middle East (Specifically Dubai)? I’ve checked with Nissan showrooms here and got dates from October 2008 to March 2009. Every salesperson has a different guess.

  14. yes abra- heard we gotta wait till march09 for its launch in dubai- but why??? any clues- anybody

  15. bon joure comment vouse ete quand a moi je suis en bonne santer je vous demende de me contacter ou de me donner votre adresse de tellepphone pour vous contacter a cose de nissan murano 2009 je vous remerci becp

  16. he saying he wants you to contact him or he will contact you as he wants info on the 2009 murano. ‘You’ might be Mash.

  17. nice boris, you can understand many languages!
    I won’t be surprised if you understand Korean as well 😎

  18. I don’t know for sure. I just think thats what he’s saying after looking at just some of the key words [which I can understand] in his posts. I can only read korean which I learnt on the internet which is a bit helpful in someplaces but not much use when you can’t get the meaning. 🙁

  19. bonjoure comment tu va la santer je vous appelle de jordani je vous demende de me donner le prix de nissan murano nouveau 2009 sa arrive chez vous ou pas encore merci

  20. wonder what prix means. maybe he’s asking for the price of 2009 murano and when its arriving. and the first sentence might be saying he’s saying bonjoure from Jordan…

  21. impressive boris…. but any idea about the launch date of murano in dubai

  22. I’d seen one at a used car shop in abu shagara, sharjah!!! how come? I never heard it even launch in UAE. how is it there? and I don’t know anything about the murano’s official arrival in UAE

  23. same here… i found 2 of them at 4×4 motors.. sh. zyd road… the buzz is they are clearing all the old stock of 08 models n then launch the new 09 model…..

  24. Author

    American imports. 4×4 Motors is expert at that. They sold the used H3 imports for 190k and the used FJ imports for 150k before their GCC launches.

  25. The last time i checked at one of the autoshows, one of their representatives told me it was to be released by March of 2009..

  26. hoping to see it live by march… wish it is worth the wait….

  27. the 09 is out finally base model-137, leather n sun roof n dvd- 147 n the dual roof, navi n hard disc ipod pack 161?? pricey??

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